My broadband transfer was faultless

Some things are immutable, death and taxes is the favoured example. Staying with your broadband provider is not immutable. We’re all prone to hanging on to our service providers, be power, bank, telephone, or broadband, mostly from fear of complications in changing.

Yesterday we changed our broadband and telephone provider. We’re now Sky broadband customers. We’ve had Sky TV for years so it made some sense to join the services together.

The change went faultlessly, and the requirement to self install the equipment, being the cause of my concern, turned out to be a simple and trouble-free process.

My hope is that you’ll be happy that I’ll be back to blogging

The pain of being without a broadband connection is over. Broadband fixed yesterday with a new hub, which is almost three times faster that the previous one.

I won’t retell the failures of BT here, just to say that waiting eleven days for the failed BT equipment to be fixed is wholly unacceptable.

I’l got so much to write about I’m unsure where to begin. Yesterday evening, for example, I walked in an are of Camberley with my wife who joined the party from Surrey Heath Tree Wardens who walked in Bagshot Woods to see bluebells in bloom.

Bagshot Woods is completely new to me. Always good to experience new things. Here are a couple of pics – one of the party looking into the beginnings of the Windle Brook, and the other of bluebells.

No home broadband means almost no blogging

Luckily we’ve a busy week, so the absence of a connection to broadband at home it not causing me the expected withdrawal symptoms.

However, it’s darned annoying when I can’t tell you about Grinling Gibbons, my visit to Folly Bog in Lightwater, or this morning’s visit to Farnborough Airport, and a new car this week.

BT engineer expected later this week. Life is now hunting for comfortable wifi hot spots.

UPDATE: Horror of horrors  – engineer now not due till Monday. With over 6,000 post on this blog, there might be something you’ve missed. you could try, Bob Newhart monologues for amusement, or click on any of the categories.

Virgin Media requests permission to lay fibre optic cable to our house. Answer is yes, yes, yes.

In the post this morning, a letter from Virgin Media. A couple of adjacent houses have a shared private driveway, hence the Virgin Media request for permission to lay fibre optic cable and a network access point.

Our house is in a cul-de-sac, where the road is block-paved. In the many digging’s up for electricity and gas the contractors have always replaced the block paving. We’ll make sure that the Virgin Media contractors do the same.

Update on Virgin Media ultrafast optical fibre broadband in Lightwater

At Lightwater’s recent Fayre in the Square I stopped by the Virgin Media tent. Staffed by their local Community Liaison Officer – – and Regional Manager. They answered my questions.

I learned that they fired their initial installation contractor for poor performance. It was the residents of Ullswater Close who suffered shoddy trench digging.

Their regional manager said available broadband speeds from Virgin Media will be up to 300mbps. That’s some improvement on our tardy BT service. Also, they’re planning to complete the fibre installation by October and begin supplying the service to homes in January 2018.

Can’t wait – though expect I’ll end up paying more.

Virgin Media exaggerates its cable network expansion

Well, well, well. The Daily Telegraph reports that Virgin Media launches investigation and suspends staff over exaggeration of cable network expansion.

The Telegraph report says,

The company discovered evidence that 142,000 homes and businesses in line to be connected to its network required more work than it had previously reported.

Liberty Global [owners of Virgin Media] had believed construction work to lay new cables was substantially complete and that the new lines only required power and plugging into its street cabinets, work it told investors would be complete in the first quarter of this year.

Virgin Media fibre broadband works in Lightwater suspended

I’ve learned the the work to install optical fibre broadband to homes in Lightwater has come to a halt. Rumour has it that the subcontractor digging the trenches, and laying the cables, hasn’t been paid, so has suspended their work. Annoying.


I so want a 200Mbps broadband internet connection

Some Lightwater residents, and readers here have told me about the Virgin Media works in the village to bring ultrafast broadband fibre optic connections to our homes. I’m jolly pleased to have helped promote that lovely Lightwater becoming an early recipient of this Virgin Media service.

Good news, installation of the equipment is happening apace, as I saw on a walk back home from the village. Groan, it’s residents in Lightwater Meadow, Keswick Drive, and Colville Gardens who’ll be first to get the service. I know a few residents in those roads, and feel sure they’ll lord over me their broadband speeds they’ll likely benefit from.

Here’s what I photographed on my walk home.

Get Surrey’s article on Lightwater being selected for ultra-fast broadband

The Camberley News & Mail reported on Lightwater’s success in being selected for Virgin Media’s ultra-fast broadband service. Thanks to Get Surrey for allowing me a partial reprint of their full article on their Get Surrey website HERE. See my earlier articles about Virgin Media’s initiative, HERE and HERE.

In the photo, Rebecca Jennings-Evans on left, Neil Bartholomew centre, Cllr Peter Martin on right.

Lightwater ultra-fast broadband

Surrey County Council deputy leader Peter Martin and Windlesham Parish Council leader Rebecca Jennings-Evans welcomed Virgin Media executive director Neil Bartholomew to the village as it was unveiled winner.

Lightwater will be among the first sites in the country where the provider uses a faster, less disruptive optical cable installation method called “narrow trenching”, which allows engineers to cover up to 100 metres in a day.

Cllr Martin said, “A service of 200mbps is phenomenal and many people in rural communities can only dream of such a thing.”

Mr Bartholomew said: “Congratulations to the residents of Lightwater for coming eighth on our leader board. The support and interest from this community has exceeded our expectations and we’re delighted to be supercharging Lightwater. By investing and delivering better connectivity in Surrey, it shows that ultrafast broadband isn’t just for the big cities.”