Photo Quiz No.48: Answer – The Holy Well of St John the Baptist Church, Bisley

This, the 48th Photo Quiz, is, I consider, the toughest challenge to date. Of course, if you know the answer it’s not difficult. Detailed answer below.

The answer to Picture Quiz No.48 is the Holy Well of St John the Baptist Church, Bisley.

It is situated beside a footpath, accessed opposite Clews Farm in Clews Lane, Bisley. There’s a parking spot by a gate at the beginning of the path. Alternatively, take the short path from the Church, over a field, to reach the well. Here’s part of what the notice says,

“The St John the Baptist’s Well is a grade II listed building and belongs to the Church of St John the Baptist which is situated a short distance Northwest of here.

Reputedly the well has never run dry nor frozen up. It has provided a dependable supply of fresh water for centuries and was mentioned more than 300 years ago by John Aubrey, a Surrey antiquarian [1626-1697], who wrote, “near the church is a spring called St John the Baptist’s Well. The dedication made me curious to try it with galls (oak apples) which turn it to a purple colour. It is colder than other water in summer, but warmer in winter.”

Earlier still, there is evidence from the Pyrford Charter Bounds (956 AD) suggesting that a church had been constructed near the well wen Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

…..The spring water from the Holy Well contains significant amounts of dissolved iron and was once said to benefit sufferers from eye trouble and various other complaints but its reputed healing powers have probably been tested in recent times.  It is certainly not recommended to do so these days.  …The stonework is mainly of heathstone, a sarsen stone found locally and is used in the construction of parts of many churches in this area”


Surrey Heath Police crime bulletin: June 2018: 4th update

Surrey Police Community Engagement Volunteer, David Howie, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath, in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath.

  • Crime no.45180067652 – On 26/06/2018 from 10:00 to 16:00, in Mathews Road, Camberley. Victim reported a burglary where she had stolen from her house, whilst the back door was open, a box with jewellery, cash box with cash, a canon camera and stands for jewellery all worth over £6000.  (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180067565 – On 27/06/2018 from 03:20 to 03:25, in Frimley Road, Camberley. Burglary at barber shop in residential area. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180067237 – On 26/06/2018 at 08:30, in Highland Road, Camberley. Third incident of eggs being thrown at the side of victim’s car.
  • Crime no.45180067871 – Between 20/06/2018 from 22:08 to 27/06/2018 at 22:08, in Larch Close, Camberley. Bridleway swing gate post damaged.
  • Crime no.45180068040 – On 28/06/2018 from 03:30 to 05:45, in Trafalgar House, London Road, Camberley. Theft of rear number plate from Ford Fiesta van (MT 13 XXK)
  • Crime no.45180067858 – On 27/06/2018 at 13:50 in St Georges House, Camberley. Theft of pedal bike
  • Crime no.45180068002 – On 27/06/2018 at 14:15, in Upper College Ride, Camberley. Male has stolen 2 rings whilst being at property to look into buying gold and other pieces of jewellery from victim.
  • Crime no.45180068091 – On 27/06/2018 from 11:30 to 18:00 in Grayswood Drive, Frimley. Gold jewellery stolen after a messy search
  • Crime no.45180067782 – On 26/06/2018 at 23:13, in Lyon Way, Frimley. During the hours of darkness have removed tracker from Ford Transit vehicle YS13MYD parked alongside the road and have taken vehicle
  • Crime no.45180068487 – Between 25/06/2018 from 12:00 to 27/06/2018 at 09:00, in Richmond Close, Frimley. Front screwed on index plate has been removed and stolen
  • Crime no.45180067706 – Between 26/06/2018 from 22:00 to 27/06/2018 at 06:00, in Benner Lane, West End. Garage used by football club has been broken into and searched – nothing stolen (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180067732 – Between 26/06/2018 from 23:45 to 27/06/2018 at 01:47, in Canal Centre, Mytchett Place Road, Mytchett. Traffic barrier to venue has been broken and door to storage barn has been forced open. Items have been moved but nothing stolen
  • Crime no.45180067388 – Between 25/06/2018 from 18:50 to 26/06/2018 at 08:00, in Chertsey Road, Windlesham. Egg has been thrown at victim’s vehicle windscreen overnight.
  • Crime no.45180067584 – Between 26/06/2018 from 22:00 to 27/06/2018 at 06:00, in Benner Lane, West End. Have caused damage to garage door
  • Crime no.45180067567 – On 26/06/2018 at 19:30, in Premier Inn, Bagshot. Theft of tools from van (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180067470 – On 26/06/2018 at 19:49, in Church Lane, Bisley. 2 males have stolen victim’s bike which he left outside his friend’s house (Under investigation)

Surrey Heath Police crime bulletin: June 2018: 3rd update

Surrey Police Community Engagement Volunteer, David Howie, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath, in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath.

  • Crime no.45180066119 – Between 22/06/2018 from 19.00 to 23/06/2018 at 09.00, in Martindale Avenue, Camberley. Criminal damage to motor vehicle. Under investigation
  • Crime no.45180066277 – On 23/06/3018 at 14.25, in London Road, Camberley. Theft of pedal cycle.
  • Crime no.45180066410 – On 23/06/2018 at 11:40, in Frimley Road, Camberley. Suspect has stolen two Gas Cylinders, made off without any attempt to pay. Under Investigation
  • Crime no.45180066938 – On 24/06/2018 at 00:01, in Frimley Green Road, Frimley Green. Rock thrown at window causing window to smash. No evidence to suggest that entry has been gained
  • Crime no.45180066407 – On 23/06/2018 at 20:00, in Mytchett Road, Mytchett. Theft of shoplifting by 2 males entered store and stolen meat.
  • Crime no.45180066674 – On 24/06/2018 at 13:50, in Blackwater Valley Road, by Sainsbury Car Park. Someone have gone to the location; have removed Bike that was secured at sign Post along the foot path leading to the bridge over railway line.
  • Crime no.45180065710 – Between 19/06/2018 from 18.00 to 22/06/2018 at 06.45, in Guildford Road, Lightwater. 2 tyres on vehicle have been slashed. This is an ongoing issue.
  • Crime no.45180065747 – Between 15/06/2018 from 12.52 to 22/06/2018 at 10.54, in Valley End Road, Chobham. Builder has had his digger stolen from the roadside of work place.
  • Crime no.45180066196 – Between 22/06/2018 from 18:00 to 23/06/2018 at 12:00, in Faulkner Place, Bagshot. Both Index plates have been taken, of vehicle (P983 TWS) also used in a drive off at Petrol station
  • Crime no.45180066364 – On 23/06/2018 between 16:24 to 16:41, in London Road, Bagshot. Unknown male has entered Longacres Nursery, Bagshot, have taken Vodka. Under investigation
  • Crime no.45180066688 – On 23/06/2018 between 18:20 to 20:15, in Church Lane, Bisley. Have gone to the location accessing Garage, have removed two Bikes from location.
  • Crime no. 45180066733 – Between 24/06/2018  from 15:00 to 25/06/2018 at 06:25, in The Park in Chobham, Station Road, Chobham. Have attempted to gain entry into a closed restaurant causing damage to the CCTV cameras and rear door however have not gained entry.
  • Crime no.45180065139 – On 20/06/2018 at 23:35, in Park Street, Camberley. Male running around with a bottle of vodka screaming and shouting, punching doors and windows and kicking cars.  Male became violent towards Police.  He was arrested for Criminal Damage, 2 x Assault Police and Public Order. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180065388 – On 20/06/2018 at 19:50, in The Atrium, Camberley. Criminal damage to black Ford Fiesta vehicle whilst incorrectly parked in a “Residents Only” space (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180064685 – Between 01/11/2017 from 00:00 to 11/06/2018 at 00:00, in Whins Close, Camberley. Theft of a spare wheel from underneath victim’s car
  • Crime no.45180065615 – On 21/06/2018 at 14:00, in Eaton Court, Vale Road Camberley. Theft of post.  (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180064354 – On 19/06/2018 at 02:05 in Frimley Lodge Park, Sturt Road, Frimley. In hours of darkness suspects have gained entry by breaking padlock on a wooden gate. Has attempted to reverse into a shutter/garage door with a vehicle damaging the door. Nothing taken.  (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180065502 – On 20/06/2018 from 08:30 to 17:00 in Lyon Way, Frimley. Whilst parked on industrial estate catalytic converter has been stolen from Honda Jazz.  (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180065221 – On 21/06/2018 at 07:00 at M3 Junction 3 Lightwater. Have been involved in damage only RTC, have then become verbally abusive towards other driver and have intentionally hit vehicle wing mirror with hand causing damage. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180064559 – On 19/06/2018 at 12:10, in Whitmoor Road, Bagshot. Tools have been stolen from the rear van compartment
  • Crime no.45180064663 – On 19/06/2018 from 13:30 to 15:00, in Macdonald Road, Lightwater. Power tool stolen from outside residential property that victim was working at.
  • Crime no.45180065337 – On 20/06/2018 at 13:47, in Hamilton Close, Lightwater. Phone has been lent to suspect for 15 minutes.  He then leaves and sells the phone for drug money. (Under investigation)

Bisley’s Strawberry Fayre draws the crowds

Arriving at the Bisley Strawberry Fayre visitors see Tim Price’s tractor ride, and a couple of his tractors – examples of a before and after restoration. It’s the type of hobby where you need plenty of garage space.

The Woking and Camberley Rock Choir opened the Fayre. They’re a large choir, and ably led by their choirmaster. Following the choir the Almac Bisley Brass Band entertained visitors. Oh, the simple fun we had sipping our Pimms while sitting by the Pimms Tent, and listening to the band with the sun shining on us, and watching the world go by, lovely.

We admired the energetic and stylish dance display and the costumes of the students of the Leanne Edwards School of Theatre Arts. A different dance style followed with the Chobham St. Lawrence Morris Men, though we spotted a couple of women in the group.

Have to report that again this year yours truly failed to win a prize from the Human Fruit Machine, maybe I’ll be successful next year.

A grand day [afternoon] out, as the phrase goes. Click on images to expand.

Surrey Heath Police crime bulletin: April 2018: 1st update

Surrey Police Community Engagement Volunteer, David Howie, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath, in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath.

  • Crime no.45180036380 – On 08/04/2018 at 19:06, in Consort Drive, Camberley. Suspects unknown have used a tool to force entry to the victim’s front door. They have been disturbed by the occupant-nothing taken. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180035896 – Between 02/04/2018 from 21:00 to 03/04/2018 at 07:00, in Watchetts Drive, Camberley. Have pushed wing mirror in by hand and caused damage.
  • Crime no.45180037251 – On 10/04/2018 at 18:10, in Knoll Road, Camberley. 5-6 youths approximately 16yoa threw stones at a Stagecoach bus breaking one of the side windows
  • Crime no.45180035449 – Between 05/04/2018 from 22:00 to 06/04/2018 at 07:00, in Harcourt Road, Camberley. Have gone to car park in Camberley and stolen a van which contained a number of gardening tools
  • Crime no.45180036385 – On 08/04/2018 at 17:30, in Portesbery Road, Camberley. Vehicle interference
  • Crime no.45180036403 – Between 03/04/2018 from 09:00 to 07/04/2018 at 09:00, in Ashwell Avenue, Camberley. Theft of number plates from Alfa Romeo whilst victim was on holiday.
  • Crime no.45180037052 – Between 09/04/2018 from 11:00 to 10/04/2018 at 03:00, in Clarence Drive, Camberley. Vehicle broken into by smashing front quarter light window on driver’s side.
  • Crime no.45180035623 – On 29/03/2018 from 13:30 to 00:00, in Deanside, Camberley. Suspect has stolen an Xbox (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180036417 – On 08/04/2018 from 14:08 to 19:15, Park Street, Camberley. Theft of pedal cycle
  • Crime no.45180035790 – On 06/04/2018 from 23:15 to 23:40, Dunbar Road, Frimley. Unknown persons has approached premises and caused damage to front door by means unknown. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180037753 – Between 11/04/2018 from 18:00 to 12/04/2018 at 06:45, in Vine House Close, Frimley. Van broken into and tools stolen
  • Crime no.45180036017 – On 07/04/2018 from 04:30 to 05:00, in Park Farm Industrial Estate, Frimley. Theft of pedal cycle from outside Matalan in Camberley.
  • Crime no.45180036097 – Between 06/04/2018 from 10:00 to 07/04/2018 at 11:00, in Mytchett Road, Frimley. Theft of mobile phone
  • Crime no.45180037237 – On 10/04/2015 at 17:17, in Frimley Green Working Mens Club, Sturt Road, Frimley Green. Three members of staff have stolen from employer over a 3 month period by overcharging customers and keeping the extra money (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180036136 – On 07/04/2018 from 12:00 to 17:44, in Wynsham Way, Windlesham. Burglary dwelling – Jewellery targeted (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180036491 – On 09/04/2018 from 01:30 to 06:00, in South Farm Lane, Bagshot. Garage broken into overnight and a number of power tools have been stolen (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180036689 – On 01/04/2018 at 00:00, in School Lane, Bagshot. Suspect(s) have gained entry to rear garden and using unknown implement have forced rear french doors causing glass pane to break. Have entered main bedroom on 1st floor and have performed untidy search. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180036759 – On 09/04/2018 at 22:20, in The Close, Lightwater. Suspect/s unknown have rammed a garage before disturbed by a neighbour and making off without taking anything. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180037171 – On 10/04/2018 from 02:30 to 06:30, in Highwayman’s Ridge, Windlesham. Suspect/s unknown have used a tool to try and gain entry to the front door of the property. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180037710 – Between 11/04/2018 from 16:00 to 12/04/2018 at 06:00 in South Farm Lane, Bagshot. Attempted burglary (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180037161 – On 09/04/2018 at 22:50, in Pennyhill Park Hotel, London Road, Bagshot. Offender(s) have broken into an outbuilding on the grounds of a hotel. No property stolen.
  • Crime no.45180035809 – On 07/04/2018 at 02:19, in London Road, Bagshot. Male and female have come into petrol station shop and opened and thrown food items around
  • Crime no.45180037994 – On 12/04/2018 from 08:30 to 21:30, in Arethusa way, Bisley. Female has had the front number plate stolen from her car and this has taken place either at work or home
  • Crime no.45180035395 – On 05/04/2018 at 19:30, in Allbrook Close, Bagshot. Theft of number plates
  • Crime no.45180037265- Between 09/04/2018 from 23:59 to 10/04/2018 at 09:00, in High Street, Bagshot. Theft of cast Iron fire basket and pool heater from side of house.
  • Crime no.45180035994 – On 07/04/2018 at 10:15, in Broadway Road, Windlesham. Male has received unwanted salesman at door. Told salesman to leave. Salesman has sworn and then spat on letter box.

Surrey Heath Police crime bulletin: April 2018

Surrey Police Community Engagement Volunteer, David Howie, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath, in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath.

  • Crime no.45180033091 – Between 24/03/2018 from 10:00 to 29/03/2018 at 16:00, in Upper Park Road, Camberley. Theft of motor vehicle where the keys have been stolen from residence. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180033486 – On 31/03/2018 at 13:47, at Peninsula Close, Camberley. Suspect used vehicle to push victim’s vehicle out of a parking space, causing damage (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180034555 – Between 01/03/2018 from 00:00 to 03/04/2018 at 18:00, in Chapel Road, Camberley. Victim’s vehicle has been keyed causing.
  • Crime no.45180035066 – on 05/04/2018 at 08:42, in London Road, Camberley. Damage has been caused to shop window
  • Crime no.45180035449 – Between 05/04/2018 from 22:00 to 06/04/2018 at 07:00, in Harcourt Road, Camberley. Have gone to car park in Camberley and stolen a white Ford van KS56GAX which contained a number of gardening tools (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180034157 – Between 02/04/2018 from 17:00 to 02/04/2018 at 21:00, in Grand Avenue, Camberley. Theft of pedal cycle
  • Crime no.45180034894 – On 04/04/2018 from 16:00 to 19:00, in Southwell Park Road, Camberley. Theft of ladder – possible CCTV line of enquiry.  (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180035020 – Between 04/04/2018 from 20:00 to 05/04/2018 at 06:30, in Clarendon Place, Badgers Copse, Camberley. Theft of white Ford Transit van YR5 7HGN
  • Crime no.45180035256 – On 05/04/2018 from 15:30 to 16:30, in Grand Avenue, Camberley. Theft of pedal cycle
  • Crime no.45180033612 – On 31/03/2018 at 21:08, in Stoneleigh Court, Frimley. Gate has been kicked causing damage.
  • Crime no.45180034344 – Between 01/04/2018 from 16:00 to 02/04/2018 at 04:00, in Albany Park, Frimley. Rear number plate stolen from van belonging to Krispy Kreme UK
  • Crime no.45180033737 – On 01/04/2018 at 08:41, in Red Lion Road, Chobham. Eggs have been thrown at garage door
  • Crime no.45180033564 – On 31/03/2018 at 02:31, in Heywood Drive, Bagshot. Have gone onto driveway of dwelling and tried door handle of vehicle only to find vehicle is locked. Have then walked away
  • Crime no.45180035243 – On 26/10/2017 at 07:50, in Oakwood Road, Windlesham. Blue Vauxhall Zafira has been left at the location and the vehicle has been damaged making it undriveable. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180035317 – Between 27/03/2018 from 00:01 to 05/04/2018 at 17:30, in Burrow Hill Green, Chobham. Orange Fiat Punto VRM WN56ESY has been stolen from Burrow Hill Green following an accident near the pub
  • Crime no.45180033802 – On 01/04/2018 04:00, in Westcroft Park Farm, Windlesham Road, Chobham. During early hours of the morning, have taken hinges off of gate and stolen floodlight from site.
  • Crime no.45180034052 – Between 30/03/2018 from 21:05 to 31/03/2018 at 22:37, in Hall Grove Farm Industrial Estate, Bagshot. Construction site has been accessed and items stolen
  • Crime no.45180034365 – Between 30/03/2018 from 00:00 to 01/04/2018 at 00:00, in Church Lane, Bisley. Boulders stolen from front of garden
  • Crime no.45180035395 – On 05/04/2018 at 19:30, in Allbrook Close, Bagshot. Theft of number plates Y92KJO from a Honda saloon (Under investigation)

Surrey Heath Police crime bulletin: March 2018: 3rd update

Surrey Police Community Engagement Volunteer, David Howie, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath, in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath.

  • Crime no.45180031759 – On 26/03/2018 at 01:30, in Buttermere Drive, Camberley. Summerhouse has been broken into and bike stolen. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180031796 – On 26/03/2018 from 00:45 to 08:00, in Star Post Road, Camberley. Shed broken into overnight and beer has been taken from the fridge freezer and then found by the alleyway along with scissors, a t-shirt and electronic items (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180030574 – On 22/03/2018 at 23:38, in Busy Bees, Heathcote Road, Camberley. Someone has attended a locked and secure children’s nursery in possession of a ladder and hammer audible alarm sounding at location.  Has climbed ladder and a smashed alarm box causing damage.
  • Crime no.45180032306 – On 28/03/2018 at 03:15, in Mitcham Road, Camberley. Criminal damage to fence panel and repeat victimisation to informant and neighbours (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180031483 – On 25/03/2018 20:30, in Star Post Road, Camberley. Named suspect has forced entry into a blue Ford Fiesta causing no damage but ran off when car alarm sounded (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180031347 – Between 11/03/2018 from 00:00 to 25/03/2018 at 12:30, in Kingswood Close, Camberley. Theft of bicycle from communal storage area
  • Crime no.45180032573 – On 28/03/2018 at 15:50, in Park Street, Camberley. Theft of pedal cycle whilst left locked up outside Pure Gym in Camberley. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180032731 – On 24/03/2018 at 09:00, in Upland Road, Camberley. Victim is reporting the theft of her son’s bicycle when a friend he lent it to has alleged it was subsequently then stolen from him. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180031093 – On 24/03/2018 at 15:57, in The Atrium, Camberley. Young male has taken “Wet Floor” cone from lift area of car park and has thrown this off the top floor onto roadside below. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180032762 – On 28/03/2018 at 22:30, in Loman Road, Frimley. Have stolen log book for Audi A6 while viewing it as a potential buyer
  • Crime no.45180032564 – On 28/03/2018 at 15:51, in Matalan Retail Ltd, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Frimley. Two female suspects have stolen items from the store activating store alarm and have got into a white Vauxhall Corsa H17NHD before making off. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180032690 – On 28/03/2018 from 16:00 to 23:59, in Curley Hill Road, Lightwater. Entry gained via rear upvc window, untidy search conducted of a 4 bedroom detached property, jewellery items stolen. (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180030851 – On 13/02/2018 from 01:00 to 18:00, in Gomer Road, Bagshot. Victim’s property had been left in communal area of block of flat.  A playstation, fishing rods, golf clubs and drone have been damage, value unknown
  • Crime no.45180032712 – On 17/03/2018 00:00, in The Close, Lightwater. Criminal damage to fence.
  • Crime no.45180031880 – On 26/03/2018 at 21:49, in Premier Inn, London Road, Bagshot. Lock pulled out of driver’s door of Ford Transit vehicle whilst in hotel car park (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180032663 – On 28/03/2018 at 21:00, in Guildford Road, Bisley. Attempt to steal a vehicle (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180030927 – On 22/03/2018 at 07:15 in College Ride, Bagshot. Theft of mobile phone
  • Crime no.45180031296 – Between 24/03/2018 from 19:30 to 25/03/2018 at 02:00, at West End Social Club, High Street, West End. Vauxhall Vivaro van stolen (Under investigation)
  • Crime no.45180031900 – On 26/03/2018 at 21:00, in The Windmill, London Road, Bagshot. Theft from Ford Transit whilst parked in pub car park (Under investigation).