A super low maintenance plant for ground cover

In our front garden – the bit that sticks out into our cul-de-sac road – we’ve a Cotoneaster horizontalis, otherwise known as wall spray or rockspray, that has grown to cover the area.

I mention this here because of its good value in the garden. To keep the plant prostrate, as in the photo, I prune any upright shoots. It’s been covered in these lovely red berries for weeks. Luckily blackbirds have yet to find it.

Lightwater events in November 2019 No.5: Remembrance Sunday

This year I’ll be attending the Remembrance Sunday services at St Michael’s Church in Camberley, and at the War Memorial outside the entrance to the Royal Military Academy.

I’ll be missing the service in Lightwater this year. The service by the war memorial attracts crowds of Lightwater residents, where the mix of youngsters and oldsters is a lovely feature of the Lightwater service, as is the Bagshot Brass Band. The band’s playing of the Last Post, followed by Reveille is the poignant part of the service.

Here are a few photos I’ve taken over the years of the Lightwater Remembrance Sunday service. Interesting to note that Lightwater is lucky with the weather, as the sky is blue in each of my photos. I hope it is so tommorrow. [Click on images to enlarge]

Here’s a photo of the Red Road road works sign UPDATED

The B311 Red Road, between Heatherside in Camberley and West End that passes by Lightwater, is a busy and important road.

I’m sure I don’t really need to tell you that, also ny road works, accidents, broken down cars cause huge delays, especially during rush hours.

So, when there’s a notice appearing on the road indicating some upcoming road works, vehicles slow down to attempt to read the sign. The signs aren’t large, and the text is small, therefore reading from a moving vehicle is mostly unsuccessful. Here’s a photo of the sign. I’m try and find out more. Click on image to enlarge.

UPDATED: See below photo.

I knew there’d be someone who knows more about this than I do, and of course it’s knowledgeable Speedicus. His comment deserves wider prominence,

speedicus triplicatum

I believe they are taking ground samples down to the depth of the proposed Pipeline’s trench – which will cross the Red Road twixt Briar Ave & the Folly Bend at Lightwater Road, before going up to the trackway on the ridge behind the Lake & on to the Guildord Road – the original Trench route (virtually under the Pylons) is apparently sacrosanct due to tree-hugging Sand Lizards – so its seemingly better to devastate mature trees along the old trackway to the Water Mill across the Bypass ….

Grey Heron finds no fish in the temporary lake

The detention pond in Lightwater, alongside Red Road, to hold water during periods of heavy rain remains partially full, which is an indication of the volume of rain we’ve recently experienced.

I photograhed a full detention pond on October 7th this month – see HERE. I disturbed a Grey Heron when taking my photo. Lo and behold, when I took a photo a couple of days ago I disturbed a Grey Heron agin, you might be able to see it on the grass when you expand the photo.

I’m confident there are no fish in the pond, maybe there’s a worm or too. So, I think the Heron would be advised to choose a pond with fish.

Expecting to see many more mushrooms on my heathland walk

On my most recent heathland walk, where I even ventured down into Folly Bog, I saw many mushrooms. Today I’m on another heatland walk, and am hoping to see many more varieties of mushrooms.

Here are the photos of the mushrooms on my most recent walk. Do I know what they are, no I don’t, and we’ve numerous books on mushrooms at home. Closer study is needed to identify them, which is my next challenge.

Encountering another classic Bentley

Walking home from my heathland walk I passed a lovely classic Bentley. Can I see myself driving it, of course I can. Can I see myself being happy with the miles per gallon? of course not. Current models average 13.5 mpg. So, old one’s I imagine will struggle to reach double figures.