Your intrepid reporter visits Waterloo Station to experience the predicted chaos

You, dear readers, will know of my occasional reports on the progress of changes at Waterloo Station. You can read them HERE, in descending date order. The predicted chaos was nowhere to be seen when I journeyed there last Friday 11th August. Everything was running smoothly. The new platforms in the old International Station were … Continue reading

How is the Waterloo station upgrade progressing?

When I travelled to Waterloo Station this week and viewed the ongoing work to create 5 new temporary platforms in the former Waterloo International Terminal, I wondered whether they’ll meet their target to have the new platforms ready for August 5th. That’s only 11 weeks way, and there appears to be lots of work still … Continue reading

Infrastructure Upgrades #3: Extra platforms at Waterloo station for suburban trains

The are two side to upgrades to our national infrastructure. The good side results from improvements, efficiency, and increased capacity, while the bad side is the necessary dislocation and delay, although temporary. This is certainly the case with the upgrade to Waterloo railway station. Bringing into use the Eurostar platforms increases capacity – a good … Continue reading

Photos of the progress in Waterloo Station platform upgrade

Travelling to London from this part of the world means arriving at Waterloo Station. The station is undergoing a significant upgrade, as announced in March 2016 by Network Rail, all part of the Wessex Capacity Improvement project. In the Network Rail announcement they stated that, Work starts [in March 2016] to rebuild the former Waterloo International … Continue reading

Conversion of Eurostar platforms at Waterloo proceeding

In London yesterday we walked past the old Eurostar platforms at Waterloo Station. We saw, and heard, the construction to convert the four platforms into use. You can learn more about this change at Wessex Capacity Improvement Programme. I wrote about this, and the change to Camberley Station’s platform length in July this year – … Continue reading

New high-rise towers and skyscrapers a-plenty in London & elsewhere

While Liverpool and Newcastle will likely be getting new high-rise towers, it’s London that’s getting high-rise towers and skyscrapers a-plenty. A skyscraper being defined as being 30 or more storeys. Adjacent to Waterloo Station is the redevelopment of the Shell Centre. I’ve watched the site develop over the last year or so. Visiting the area at the … Continue reading

Upgrade to local rail facilities to begin soon

The Camberley News & Mail report on work to increase the length of Camberley Railway Station, to accommodate 10 carriage trains, is to begin on August 22nd 2016. The News & Mail reporter asked for comments from The Camberley Society, drawing the comment that they’ve seen no evidence of a planned increase in the frequency of rail … Continue reading