Painting of the week No.20: Grosvenor School of Modern Art

I’m not being entirely accurate here. This article isn’t about a particular painting or art work, it’s about a movement in the late 1920’s and 1930’s, centered on the Grosvenor School of Modern art, to revive interest in printing making, particularly lino cut prints. Wikipedia describes the School, so; The Grosvenor School of Modern Art was a … Continue reading

Painting of the week No.19: Departure of the Diligence, Biarritz by Abraham Solomon

Odd, that I’ve called it painting of the week, because it’s certainly not a weekly thing. This is only number 19 since the first of the series in 2009. The Picture Gallery at Royal Holloway, University of London in Egham has been a source of many of my paintings of the week. Our latest visit, … Continue reading

Painting of the week No.18: Garden with Blue Terrace by David Hockney, 2015

Why, oh why, did I bother to call it Painting of the Week, when I’ve signally failed to deliver just 18 since 2009.  I guess it’s because for each such painting I must have seen it up close, which sort of limits the choice, and I’m also rather picky in my choices. Never mind. I … Continue reading

Painting of the week No.17: The Rye Marshes by Paul Nash

Here’s another painting by Paul Nash for Painting of the Week. I surprise myself finding that my first painting of the week was in September 2009. Must resolve to make such posts properly weekly. The Rye Marshes by Paul Nash, 1932 could have be seen at the Paul Nash exhibition at Tate Britain, which ended … Continue reading

Painting of the week No.15: A Dutch Beurtman Aground on the Terschelling Sands, by Edward William Cooke

This week we visited the Picture Gallery at Royal Holloway in Egham joining a small group at a Look and Learn event, where the college curator, Dr Harriet O’Neill, led a discussion and examination of William Powell Frith’s 1862 painting, The Railway Station. While in the Picture Gallery I admired A Dutch Beurtman Aground on … Continue reading

Painting of the week No.14: HMS Vanguard by Leslie A Wilcox

My rule in Painting of the Week is that I must have stood in front of the painting, and been, in one way or another, moved by the image and its story. This Painting of the Week is somewhat different. I bought a painting recently at an auction in Sussex. It’s of HMS Vanguard by Leslie A Wilcox (1904-1982), … Continue reading

Painting of the week No.13: The Harbour Bar by Edwin Ellis

Those among you who are regular readers here will, no doubt, be expecting a painting of the week, being as we visited the Picture Gallery at Royal Holloway last week. Not being one to disappoint, here’s No.13 in the painting of the week series. It’s The Harbour Bar by Edwin Ellis 1842-1895 [click on image … Continue reading

Painting of the week No.12: Foxgloves by Nikolai Astrup

Dulwich Picture Gallery is hosting, until May 12th 2016, an exhibition of the works of little known Norwegian artist Nikolai Astrup. Signifying the importance of the exhibition, Nikolai Astrup: Painting Norway, it was officially opened by HM the Queen of Norway. The exhibition is described thus, Dulwich Picture Gallery presents the radically innovative works of Norwegian artist Nikolai … Continue reading