Pleasing improvements to Knoll Walk in Camberely

Before Christmas we visited Camberley town centre, where I was pleased to see that Knoll Walk, the footpath between Knoll Road and the High Street, was open. Surrey Heath Council’s latest update on Knoll Walk renovations says, The walkway is now open to pedestrians. Improvement works are now taking place.  The improvements will bring new … Continue reading

Council’s works update on Camberley High, Knoll Walk, and Princess Walk

Surrey Heath Borough Council have released an update on regeneration works in Camberley High Street, Knoll Walk and Princess Walk.. Camberley town centre is currently undergoing several regeneration projects led by Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC). The High Street has received £3.5million in funding from Enterprise M3 LEP which has been increased with £900k of funding from … Continue reading

Knoll Walk in Camberley to be closed for 18 months

I’ve written about the changes to Knoll Walk in Camberley. It’s the path, begining near Camberley Theatre, from Knoll Road to the High Street by Barclays Bank. I noted that Surrey Heath Borough Council intended to remove trees and flower beds from the walk, which they’ve subsequently done, pleasingly, leaving one large evergreen tree next … Continue reading

Improvement works to begin in Camberley’s Knoll Walk and High Street

Yesterday Surrey Heath Borough Council announced, Camberley’s High Street and Public Realm areas are about to have a makeover!  Works will start next week on Knoll Walk – which is the walkway which leads from Knoll Road to the High Street opposite the theatre. The new scheme once completed will have better pavement and road … Continue reading

Monuments & Memorials walks of the RMA Sandhurst

In a collaboration between Surrey Heath Museum, The Sandhurst Trust, and The Sandhurst Collection, a series of not to be missed tours of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2014. Book now to join one of four 3 hour walking tours of the grounds of RMA Sandhurst and Old College [Click image to enlarge]. The tour will visit the important … Continue reading

Definition needed between pavement and road in Camberley High Street

On Monday, after my eye test, I looked at the work to revive Camberley’s High Street and side roads. I like the new High Street pavement surface and see improvement in Knoll Walk and Princess Way. I also like the new lighting on the High Street. Ok, praise given, now for my gripes. The tarmac … Continue reading

Camberley town centre improvements – September 2019 update

Surrey Heath Borough Council announcedon 3rd September 2019 an update on Camberley town centre improvements. This full press release can be seen HERE. This is the main part of the press release. The High Street, Princess Way and Knoll Walk have received £3.5million in funding from Enterprise M3 LEP, which has been increased with £900k … Continue reading

Another case of Hutber’s Law -‘Improvment means deterioration’

Patrick Hutber, one time, and still missed, City Editor of the Daily Telegraph, wisely coined a law that suggested improvement often hides deterioration. Here’s example of the law, and a local one to boot. I’ve written much about the changes to Knoll Walk in Camberley – see HERE if you’d like to read them. I … Continue reading

Sunningdale shows the benefit of car parking realignment

Car parking is the big bugbear in Lightwater. It’s something yours truly has campaigned about for many, many years. Goodness me, it was in 2010 I presented a report on the topic [See my report below photos] to Surrey County Council. Since then other local councillors have promised concerted action, but to no effect. Seems … Continue reading