Surrey Heath’s flourishing garden centre ‘golden mile’

Surrey Heath is blessed with a ‘golden mile’ of horticultural businesses and garden centres on a stretch of the A30 in Bagshot and Windlesham. There surely cannot be anywhere else in the country with such a concentration of garden centres and horticultural businesses.

This concentration is supported and appreciated by customers, perhaps not so by a local borough council. I’ve long argued that this feature of our borough should be promoted and supported by the Council.

I first wrote about this feature of our borough in 2009 in Supporting the horticultural ‘Golden Mile’, and subsequently in 2013 in The joys of Surrey Heath’s horticultural golden mile, and latterly in The sad gradual decline of the horticultural ‘golden mile’ in Surrey Heath. It’s a pleasure to note that in recent weeks that what was Wyevale Garden Centre has not become a housing development, and now has new garden centre and farm shop.

The new businesses are Windlesham Gardener, and Seasons Farm Shop, both look excellent additions to the ‘Golden Mile’. I wish both businesses well, who’ll provide healthy competition to the other nearby garden centres. Here are my photos of our recent visits.

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