Camberley views No.4: Large Victorian/Edwardian houses in Crawley Ridge

Yesterday’s excersise walk was along Crawley Ridge. I walked the full length from one end and back again, enjoying looking at the houses to select for my review of their architectural features.

I’m amazed that none of the large architecturally interesting Victorian and Edwardian houses qualifies for an entry in the Council’s List of Historic Building in Surrey Heath. I need to study, carefully, the Council’s Designation of Local Heritage Assets Supplementary Planning Document to identify the criteria used to to gain addition to the list.

The photos below are of four houses, Conewood House, Crawley Lodge, Laureston, Woodend, and the two 1887 Providence cottages. I’ve included Tudor Hall, though it’s address is Branksome Park Road, it has a boundary wall and interesting gate onto Crawley Ridge.

It’s mostly the string courses and brick detailing in these four houses and two cottages that are exceptionally pleasing. Click on each image to expand to see the delightful string courses. It appears that all four houses and Tudor Hall are divided into flats, which doesn’t in any way diminish their attractiveness. I’ll be including the Church of St Pauls when I review the architecture of buildings on Church Hill.

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