Being helped to discover a Common Twayblade orchid

I joined Bernard Baverstock, chairman of the Camberley Natural History Society, and allround knowledeable guy on flora and fauna, on a morning walk over the local heathland. The aim of the walk was so that he could point out to me the Common Twayblade orchids that I’d signally missed seeing in the dozens of my orchid spotting walks.

Here’s what Surrey Wildlife Trust say about it, in which they note it’s easily overlooked. By gum, that’s true.

The Common twayblade is a medium-sized orchid that can be easily overlooked despite being one of our commonest species. Common in the woodlands, scrub and grasslands of chalky soils, its flower spike carries a very loose cluster of yellow-green flowers that are not as showy as some of the other, more exotic-looking orchids. It is in bloom from May to July.

Here are photos of Bernard pointing out the Common Twayblade orchid, and a closer view of the plant. Thank you Bernard, I’m a happy soul now.

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