Lightwater views No1: Date plaques on Victorian houses in Guildford Road

This may seem an odd thing to write about, some while ago I took photos of the date plaques on the Victorian and Edwardian houses on Guilford Road in Lightwater between Grasmere Road and Macdonald Road.

This stretch of houses is part of the character of Lightwater. Surrey Heath Borough Council’s Supplementary Planing Document Lightwater Village Design Statement, describes the character of this part of the village as,

The centre of the Village developed around Guildford, All Saints, Ambleside, Macdonald and Broadway Roads and largely derives its valued character from Victorian and Edwardian buildings from the period 1890-1915. These older properties consist of smaller plots and buildings of “humble”, two-storey proportions.

The residential buildings are typical Victorian/Edwardian style villas either semi or detached with facing gable ends and sash windows. Built mainly of red brick, the older properties have grey slate roofs. More modern properties tend to have tiled roofs. Most of the older properties have period architectural detailing including string courses of bricks and quoins at the corner of the buildings, often picked out in white.

Some of the houses are in white render or are painted white. Some have date plaques and timbering adding to their visual interest. A pleasing visual rhythm is often set up by bay windows. These properties were originally built with no garage and shallow front gardens. Front boundary treatments such as garden walls and hedges play an important role in defining and softening the streetscene.

Here are my photos. I’ve not included every house, as some are more modern, and some have no plaque. I’ve included a few that have no plaque simply to show the house style. The sequence begins at the junction Grasmere Road, endind at the junction with Macdonald Road.

3 thoughts on “Lightwater views No1: Date plaques on Victorian houses in Guildford Road

  1. I have queried before why the difference in spelling, the plaque on Brons is McDonald Lodge yet the Road is Macdonald ? Does anybody know why ?
    The name “Brons” was from a previous owner, a Welshman with first name Bronwyn.


  2. What a fount of local knowledge Speedicus is, despite having lived here for many years, I never knew there was a Macdonald farm !!!!!!
    There are a lot of old farms named in Alf Tarry’s local history slideshows.


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