A recurring water leak in Guildford Road

The junction of Lighwater Road and Guildford Road in Lightwater is the subject of recurring water leaks. Our recent days of wet weather has masked the current water leak, which emenates from the middle of the junction next to the mini roundabout.

I’ve a photo, taken yesterday, of the latest leak [see below], which I’ll be reporting to the water company – Thames Water or Affinity Water. I’m not sure whom is responsible.

Here’s my photo evidence of leaks over recent years. The water main was replaced in 2014, so it’s a surprise that this spot on the road continues to need repair. I feel sure that there have been other instances of water leaks here that I’ve not been aware of.

UPDATE: Oops, got my photos wrongly anotated, corrected now.

3 thoughts on “A recurring water leak in Guildford Road

  1. Hi report this leak to Affinity Water and have just received a phone message to say that there is “NO LEAK”. Well if this is not a leak I don’t what is? The same thing happens nearly every year.



  2. Looking on their website (while reporting a leak in Macdonald Road) I see that the status for the Guildford Road one is :- reported late Sunday 1st, investigated early Monday and “Closed”. Someone is blind, or they don’t want the expense of another repair.


  3. And the leak in Macdonald Road is “Resolved, not a leak” although who knows what they could or couldn’t see it in the inspection done in pouring rain yesterday morning !!


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