A brutal pothole on the Maultway

In the week, driving along the Maultway towards Red Road, I failed to miss a pothole in the road. There was a big thump, such that I resolved, later, to take a photo of it, and report it Surrey Highways.

I took that photo this afternoon, and noticed that it had Surrey Highways repair mark. Fine, they’re aware ot it. Not good is that it isn’t considered for emergency repair, because it absolutely brutal.

3 thoughts on “A brutal pothole on the Maultway

  1. As usual for SCC local road repairs, a series of quick cheap patches round patches. You could fill a camera memory with them all down Macdonald Road, most of which are failing again.


  2. Another bodge patching job just done in Macdonald Road, they spent more time putting up the obstruction signs than doing the repair, then missed doing the start of a hole a couple of feet away. Having swept the loose debris into a couple of piles, they didn’t remove them. Is there a job creation scheme to keep the repair team busy, at the council tax payers expense ?


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