My broadband transfer was faultless

Some things are immutable, death and taxes is the favoured example. Staying with your broadband provider is not immutable. We’re all prone to hanging on to our service providers, be power, bank, telephone, or broadband, mostly from fear of complications in changing.

Yesterday we changed our broadband and telephone provider. We’re now Sky broadband customers. We’ve had Sky TV for years so it made some sense to join the services together.

The change went faultlessly, and the requirement to self install the equipment, being the cause of my concern, turned out to be a simple and trouble-free process.

5 thoughts on “My broadband transfer was faultless

  1. Never forget that BT own the Infrastructure & SKY will escalate ‘unfixable’ issues to them anyway …. at the end of the day its Customer Service & to some extent, Price which is the Differentiator …


  2. I thought you said you would be investigating Virgin Media, that company that made a mess of Lightwater while installing all their cabling. What came of it ?


  3. I also looked at the SKY option but in the end stayed with BT solely because they own the lines and switchgear. If you have a problem it takes forever for SKY to resolve it due to their customers go to the bottom of the BT engineers job list. Good Luck.


  4. Guys, I know you’re all correct. It’s just that I’d got fed up with BT, and as Speedicus rightly points out, my reason can be boiled down to price and customer service. Fingers crossed for next 18 months of my contract. Moving to Virgin is a touch more involved than I wanted at this time.


  5. Virgin will n e v e r get my business after the disgraceful way they treated Lightwater in 2017 – and the total arrogance with which my complaints were handled by their local and senior management …


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