Mushrooms galore in local heathland

How wrong I was to comment recently about the lack of mushrooms in our local heathland.

In a recent walk through our heathland whereever I looked I saw mushrooms. I took photos of all the large ones, not bothering with the myriad of small mushrooms. Here are my photos. I need that excellent local naturalist Bernard Baverstock to help identify them.


2 thoughts on “Mushrooms galore in local heathland

  1. As much as I would like to oblige, the identification of fungi from photographs is notoriously difficult. In the past you have put up very distinctive species but when it comes to similar looking “brown jobs” it gets very tricky and you need to examine the gill structure, shape and even texture to identify them. Sometimes you will need to look at their spores under a microscope and test them with chemicals. That technical stage is well beyond me and I am happy to enjoy the spectacle of a good year.
    The only one I might guess at is the one with a split, showing the white gills, It is probably the Blusher Amanita rubescens, although even this is not showing much colour where it has been damaged so may be a close relative.
    This is the main reason you should not eat any mushroom that you can
    not positively identify, the Amanitas include the almost invariably fatal Death Cap .


  2. Thank you Bernard. While I’m keen on flora and fungi in our heathland, I’m loathe to damage them, preferring to leave them as I found them after having taken a photo.


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