Photo of London skyline from Chobham Ridges, my best yet

My walk today from Lightwater to Deepcut included spending time viewing the London Skyline from the track alongside Chobham Ridges.

The view is often obscured by haze making it difficult to pick out individual features. Not so today. A few days of rain is sufficient to provide a clear view.

In the photos below, firstly today’s view, and underneath that, one I took in July 2016. I think today’s photo of the skyline is my best yet, and I’ve been photographing it for a number of years. It’s remarkable how the skyline has changed with more skyscrapers. [Click on image to expand]

The nearest spot on the track alongside the Maultway that identifies from where I took the photo is between Redwood Drive and Yockley Close roads off the Maultway. On my next walk I’ll try to identify the spot exactly.

2 thoughts on “Photo of London skyline from Chobham Ridges, my best yet

  1. From 1956 to 1973, we lived ‘below’ Curley Hill, Lightwater, at the bottom of High View Road, and I recall, the view of London, from by the rock on the top of the hill ( marked with a warning : “Property of Bagshot (?) /Surrey (?) County Council”…), was of just a few blurred structures….how it has expanded since then ! Tim must have a jolly good lens, as it’s quite a few miles away… :).


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