Building to start on Lightwater’s village centre building site

After a wait of six years, apart from a hiatus when Tesco placed building materials on the site, the old Lightwater Homecare site looks as though there will be buildings on the site.

The eyesore for so many years looks like coming to an end. The Surrey Heath planning application – 19/0202 – 89-91 Guildford Road, Lightwater, has been approved for 3 four bedroom, and 2 three bedroom dwellings. Below the photo of the site I took yesterday, are the site plans. I note, in reading DECISION NOTICE, that the original application was for 3 three bedroom and 2 two bedroom dwellings, later modified, without any change in car parking provision. Originally 10 places for 13 bedrooms, and now 10 places for 18 bedrooms. The modification was objected to by Windlesham Parish Council, but allowed by the Borough Council.

Please understand, I’m not against the development, after all these years waiting who would be. It’s just that I think local planners fail to consider the pressure on parking in the centre of Lightwater. Where will visitors to these new homes park, when most homes in Lightwater own two cars, necessitating on street parking.

6 thoughts on “Building to start on Lightwater’s village centre building site

  1. Have you seen the changes at the surgery, no parking allowed there for patients now, staff only. So even problems in the village.


  2. When the work at All saints is completed, they will free up the space currently ‘occupied’ by the ‘Disabled’ rampway’ at the rear – this will become some of the staff parking – freeing up the spaces at the back of the CP for some patients …


  3. We will see, they are extending the left rear by 6.3 metres into the CP to add 4 more treatment rooms, that will be 4 more staff, and the new “staff parking only” signage looks quite permanent.


  4. Yes I did read that, but if no increase in staff, why the need for 4 more rooms. How about the double stacked parking, can you just imagine the chaos if the owner of the inner car wants to move, will they be pulling doctors or nurses away from their limited time with patients. Someone is telling porkies.


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