I love grasses, but one has run rampant

Not everyone will be as keen as me on grasses. If we had the room in our garden I’d have a Piet Oudolf style landscape of grasses. Here’s a tale of what can happen with a love of grasses.

In our small front garden we’ve a variety of grasses. Looking out from our kitchen window I see the tall golden oats – Stipa gigantea – gently wafting in the breeze. By its movement it tells me how windy it is. I love the way that the tall fronts grow from nothing, till in early summer they reach their full height – 6-8 feet.

We have, or I should say I’ve, as my dear wife isn’t as keen on grasses as I am, a tall feather reed grass – Calamagrotis ‘Karl Foerster, which is good value, as it doesn’t spread, and grows tall in a stately fashion, just like the Stipa.

Then we have quaking grass – Briza maxima, whose pale green flower heads dance even when there is almost no wind. I planted it quite a few years ago, and nothing much happened, I thought it had died. How wrong I was, this is the second year in which it has become rampant, seeding itself everywhere. At least it has shallow roots and can be pulled up. But, when it’s taken over, then I think it maybe time to reconsider the desighn of our front garden. It is lovely though, so I may reconsider.

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