The Red Road/Maultway roadworks completed

What a relief, no more queuing through the roadworks to recreate the island at the junctions of Red Road, the Maultway, and Upper Chobham Road.

Like many of you, I have grudgingly accepted the time lost to queuing, especially on the Red Road approach to the roadworks. My worst was being in a queue of the fourth traffic light cycle, would’ve been queuing for more than 20 minutes. I’d mentally switched off, otherwise annoyance would’ve overtaken me.

Anyway, the road works are complete. Earlier this week, during the middle of the day I stood by the island and watched the traffic flow. I saw that everything was running smoothly. Thank goodness they did not opt for traffic lights.

The sarsen stone is now nicely positioned, hopefully, in future not to be lost behind scrub.

7 thoughts on “The Red Road/Maultway roadworks completed

  1. “Thank goodness they did opt for traffic lights.” Did you really mean this, as I didn’t see any when driving there today going to/from Deepcut direction.


  2. Thanks Colin for spotting my error. I missed out the word NOT, in “Thank goodness they did opt for traffic lights.” Have corrected now.


  3. Am I missing something, but what have we gained from all this other than losing the slip-road on the Deepcut to Camberley section?


  4. Driving that way yesterday, I saw that they have shaved off all the new road surface all the way round the roundabout and a short way along the joining roads. Wonder why when it was all completed only a year ago


  5. Material grade used was not to required spec – Contractor rectifying at own cost – SCC surely had sight of BoM to spot this over a year ago ?


  6. …. but interesting that they left the ‘non-slip’ braking stretches on each leg undisturbed – was the underlying tarmac peculiarly of the right grade on just those stretches ?


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