Attending the South East Region Industrial Archaeology Conference

Here’s a right oddity. We, that’s my dear wife and myself, attended the South East Region Industrial Archaeology Conference[SERIAC].

SERIAC is an annual one-day conference organized by a group of Societies in the southeast of England who have an interest in industrial history and archaeology. SERIAC 2019 was held yesterday, Saturday 13th April, at Dartford Grammar School, and was hosted by Kent Archaeological Society.

There were seven 45 minute lectures/talks on a variety of topics, some of which I’ll tell you about in the coming days. Why did we attend. Well, I particularly wanted to listen to one talk, and I persuaded my wife to join me as she there was a talk she might find interesting. As with all conferences, not every talk was riveting, and I admit to closing my eyes during one talk. We managed to keep our purchases of books to just a couple, and I’m proud of ourselves for that restraint. On reflection, my wife was stoic, and sat through all the talks.

Conference registration was held in the Mick Jagger room, so I guess Mick Jagger is a past pupil of Dartford Grammar School. Here are a couple of photos of registration and the conference itself.

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