Perhaps one tree is being saved in Knoll Walk

The work by Surrey Heath Borough Council to alter Knoll Walk in Camberley involves, so the council says, removal of all the trees, which they claim have outgrown the location.

Be that as it may, my belief, as expressed HERE earlier, is that one of the mature trees is worthy of saving. Yes it may be large, perhaps in need of judicious pruning, but what other large tree do we have in Camberley town centre.

So, passing by Knoll Walk yesterday, it seems there may be hope for one tree. Let’s hope so.


2 thoughts on “Perhaps one tree is being saved in Knoll Walk

  1. It may well be that somebody has realised, rather late, that cutting down a potential bird nesting site at the beginning of the nesting season, is not a good idea.


  2. Call me cynical but the tree that was destroyed by this act of environmental vandalism just happened to be by a new development. As they say in Private Eye “could the two be related?”


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