UPDATE: Can accept a 10 minute traffic delay, not a 2 week road closure

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Speedicus, see in comments below, I now learn that it’s only a overnight road closure  – SEE HERE – from 8.0pm to 6.0am. Why couldn’t they say so?

The road works creating a new island at the junction of the B311 Red Road, Upper Chobham Road, and the Maultway is causing traffic delays. Yesterday from the queue at S Bends on Red Road I waited 10 minutes till I could to cross over the road works.

A 10 minute delay I can handle, a road closure to two weeks I can’t.

A two week road closure, where did I learn about that. Well, it’s all very odd. Yesterday I saw a warning sign on the Maultway – coming from the A30 – stating that the road would be closed for two weeks from 15-4-2019. Today, when I went to photograph the sign, it wasn’t there.

Have they changed their minds, or was it an error? Whatever. Even thinking about closing the roads around the road works for any length of time is unacceptable.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Can accept a 10 minute traffic delay, not a 2 week road closure

  1. Its being closed ONLY at night for two 3 day periods within 15th to 26th April. This will be from 20.00 to 06.00 ….

    Its to lay the final road surfaces and make sure that the Staue of our County Cllr is properly upright & aligned …

    Check the Deepcut website of the Developers …


  2. I believe the closure is overnight from 8 until 6 on Fri, Sat, Sun both weekends of 12th and 26th April.

    Daytime and weekday evenings traffic lights will continue .


  3. At last the roadworks are now finished. Am I the only one who is confused as to what improvements have been made?
    How many million £ have we wasted I wonder?


  4. In theory, it cost the Taxpayer NOWT – it was in mitigation for increased Traffic volumes from the big Deepcut Estate now being built, so the Developer funded it – and will also fund the imminent work on Gordons / Red Rd / A322 … in practice of course, we foot the bill in some way or other !


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