My changing of a pull switch takes much longer than Bert

It’s been one of those weeks where stuff happens. Firstly the central heating pump failed, and then my bathroom light pull switch cord broke. It broke inside the pull switch, so not a question of simply using a new cord.

We’ve an en suite that I can use, but that’s my dear wife’s domain. Surely a simple diy job for the man of the house. [Photo of the completed job]

First task, as is always the case nowadays, search the internet for replacement pull switch. Available at Screwfix for the princely sum of £3.78. At that price it was obviously made in China.

Next to the items on my Google search was a helpful video by Bert Electrics – see below. He replaced a pull switch in less than 4 minutes. Though that time didn’t include the time for visits the circuit breaker. Even so, a quick job thought I.

Not so for me. The location of the pull switch proved quite troublesome to reach easily. I needed a step ladder in between the size of the two we have, resulting in my having to stretch to reach and access fiddly bits.

Bert took just short of 4 minutes, for me it was well over an hour’s work, not including the stops for cups of tea. Resolved to get myself an electric screwdiver like Bert. I do have a DeWalt drill, which was too big for the task. The overall result was one of satisfaction that I could accomplish a simple diy task.

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