Surrey Heath Police advice I’m intending to follow

In that huge communiqué from Surrey Heath neighbourhood Police team in my previous article are a couple of bits of advice I’m intending to follow.

Best not to get too paranoid about the crime. Surrey Heath remains one of the safest boroughs in the country. It also has the most active Neighbourhood Watch groups in the country.

Now about the couple of items of advice to protect our home from crime.

1. We have a garden shed. It contains, like most people’s, garden pots, gloves, odds and ends, stuff to make plants grow and garden tools. It’s the garden tools that need protecting, not necessarily for their own sake, but for their ability to be used to force entry into your home. Here’s what the Police recommend in the communique,

Sheds. These have been attacked a lot and on one occasion garden tools taken and used to break into the house.  We always forget sheds, (that’s is my next project at home), but if our tools are not in a solid shed (ideally with no windows), with a good quality lock fitted with security screws or bolts, then the criminal has all they need to get in our homes.

Good, our shed has no window. It does have a padlock – a cheap one, maybe it’s worth spending £15 or so, to improve it. What it doesn’t have is security screws or bolts.  I’ll need to study what tamper free screw I need, but seems like a good idea

2. We have some outdoor chairs. This is what the Police communique warns I should do with them,

Garden chairs have been used to smash windows, so keep them chained up as well.
If replacing your windows or patio doors, consider laminated glass and install PAS 24 2016 standard. Consider anti shatter film on existing glazing. Upgrade your front and rear locks to TS007 3 star standard.

Hmm, there’s a lot to consider there. The rear of our house is not as exposed as some, so I might not do all that they recommend. Though the chaining of the chairs seems a good idea.

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