4 thoughts on “Perhaps time to test an alternative route

  1. Can you suggest what that alternative route would be. I hope you not suggesting through Bagshot village , which sufferers near constant delays on the A30 and 3 to 4 hour queues in the village center both B roads. Something SCC had been NOT doing anything about for years and will getting worse once all SHBC’s new executive pads are built. I suggest if you use the Red Road get used to , residents of Bagshot have had to.


  2. Yes, Speedicus triplicatum has a point, given the concurrent pavement / cycle track works on the A30 between American Golf and Waitrose Bagshot.


  3. 47 minutes this evening travelling the 1.1 miles from the junction of Macdonald Rd/Red Road to the Red Road roundabout. Why cant we adopt the Japanese/Far East approach to major roadworks. Just shut the thing for a week/fortnight completely (with plenty of notice) then do all the work in one go with a large dedicated 24hr workforce. Instead of 32 weeks of delay.

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