Looking into deep holes is fun for some

The some in this case is me. Yesterday on my familiar long walk from Lightwater to Deepcut, I encountered engineers having dug a deep hole to expose one on the Esso pipelines.

Talking with helpful engineers, I learned that the uncoverd pipeline was the original pipeline carrying heated heavy fuel oil from Fawley Refinery to Heathrow. The covering around the pipeline has, in places, cracked and allowed water onto the pipeline potentail causing rusting. The plans are to replace this 10 inch pipeline with a 12 inch pipeline.

The pipeline exposed at this site is deeper than elsewhere, and has a slight bend in it to account for the rise in the land.

One humourous story I learned was that, and this isn’t recent, a digger found a 500lb unexploded bomb in his digger bucket. We laughed, and imagined the digger driver making a rapid exit from his cab.

Unsheduled conversations, like these, are an enjoyable part of my life.

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