Wide sight-lines at junctions improve traffic flow

It is a bold statement to make that wide sight-lines improve traffic flow.

My evidence for this is from observing the traffic flow at peak times at the junction of Red Road, the Maultway, and Upper Chobham Road in Camberley. These roads meet at a substantial traffic island.

All of the roads leading onto the traffic island have suffered from queues. Some road more so than others. There is available data on traffic flows, collected to assist in planning for the new housing at Mindenhurst in Deepcut. I’m not referencing that data here. My statement is from personal observation.

The road works at the island are significant, creating a filter lane from Red Road, turning left into the Maultway, and from the Maultway turning left into Red Road.

From my observations, and I stand to be corrected here by more regular users of the roads I mention, even with the ongoing road works and the dislocation that that causes, the traffic flows have improved, and traffic queues are less than before.

My conclusion is that the improved visibility at the island, from almost from all directions, is the main cause for the improvement. A significant number of trees and scrub has been removed, such that drivers now have a wider area of vision of the traffic. See my photos of the situation as of early yesterday evening. Click on images to expand.



5 thoughts on “Wide sight-lines at junctions improve traffic flow

  1. The new roundabout is of significantly larger diameter – requiring it to be shunted downhill east a fair way ….. allegedly this larger diameter creates more ‘gaps’ for incoming traffic to slot into & increase the volumes moving around the junction.

    Must have some impact – they arent increasing the number of lanes joining from Deepcut on the Maultway …

    Tim, I do think your logic is debateable mate – any improved visibility today by removing the vegetation is more than outweighed by the forest of safety fencing, stacked portacabins and Earth Moving kit ….


  2. Fair point Speeedicus. I’d arrived at my thought before the mass of fencing arrived. I was surprised when looking around the works yesterday that on the sarsen stone side were remnants of an earlier tarmaced road.


  3. Not having looked at the site, the comment about an earlier tarmaced road begs the question, as the stone is so close to the existing kerb, was it relocated there after the earlier change of road layout ? The archaeology team will probably be able to answer that.
    I think they could have positioned the portaloo a bit better.


  4. I disagree about traffic flow having taken 40 minutes today after getting onto the maultway from wellington park to get to the roundabout at maultway and red road (about one mile) only then to get caught at the new traffic controls I wasn’t aware had been put in. This made me extremely late for a meeting – even more annoying as I deliberately left home early so I would get into the office to do some work first.


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