Recent photos of Waterloo Station upgrade

Here’s the latest state of the Waterloo Station upgrade, with photos taken yesterday on a visit to London. Since December 2015 from almost the same vantage point on the upper concourse at Waterloo Station I’ve taken photos of the progress of the redevelopment of the former International Station into platforms 20 – 24 for domestic rail services.

Below the photos [click to enlarge] you can read, and link to, my previous article about the station upgrade,

Network Rail’s Wessex Improvement Plan states that the work on bringing the former International Station back into use will end in December 2018. From what I’ve seen in visits over the last few months this looks an impossibly tight target. The Rail Engineer website describes the extent of the work involved – mostly not obvious from my photo vantage point.

I’ve put my photos into a slide show, beginning in February 2017, and ending in August 2018.

The plans include a new concourse with three floors of retail and restaurants. The artists impression of the new concourse shows stairs down to the new concourse. I hope there’s an escalator, and lift planned in the work, because I can’t see it in the artists impression below, or in my photos.

One thought on “Recent photos of Waterloo Station upgrade

  1. Nice post Tim. I was in Waterloo last week and agree that a December finish seems unlikely. I think it will be a really nice when finished though. Already the mezzanine shops and restaurants have improved the station considerably. I usually stop at Carluccios there for breakfast to start the day in London, and if there’s time before the train back to Sunningdale, I can’t resist popping into Hotel Chocolate for some tasty treats for the journey.


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