A connoisseurs Balsamic Vinegar

We have a staple place for a pleasant day out. It’s to the Isle of Wight, mostly by fast foot ferry to Ryde, occasionally with our car on the car ferry to Fishbourne.

We can get to Portsmouth easily on the A3, park the car in Gunwharf Keys shopping centre, not far then to walk to the IOW ferry terminal.

The sea trip is always an interesting part of the day out. If by fast ferry to Ryde, the decision is then whether to catch the tube train or walk down the long pier, then perhaps to catch a bus to some part of the island. Among our visits, I’ve reported here on a visit to Brading, and to the IOW Steam Railway.

Now, getting to the reason for this article, if we’ve taken the foot ferry, we have to end up in Ryde. Needing a bite to eat and a good coffee, we head to Restaurante Michaelangelo on the Esplanade. . On our most recent visit we spied, among the pasta packets, a bottle of Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena for £139. Amazing.

Just shows that I’m not a cook. My wife is very choosy about her balsamic vinegar, and rapeseed oil. We did, however, pass up the chance of buying the small 100ml bottle of 25 year old balsamic vinegar. There are many small makers of this balsamic vinegar. I didn’t take a photo at the time, this image is of a similar bottle.

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