One thought on “Bisley Village Hall Blue Plaques (2)

  1. I was a boarder at Bisley School during WW2 and left to join the RN as an artificer apprentice in 1949. Seeing the old chapel has brought back numerous memories (some good, some not so!). I was a choirboy until my voice ‘broke”. Bertie Read was the headmaster, other teachers I remember were – ‘Hoss’ Paddock, Major Moss, ‘Froggie’ Rose, Messrs Thomas & Rogers. Miss Callard taught in the junior school. It was a tough regime with daily canings the norm. I became a prefect in my last year or so, responsible for the day boys, one of whom was run over and killed by an army lorry outside the Hen and Chickens pub while on his way home. Sunday evening cinema in the library was a hoot. Bertie Read and his wife always attended and at any hint of a love scene the film was halted and wound on until a more suitable part for young boys viewing appeared. I always remember Bertie asking me about my family and when he heard that I had sisters he commented “girls mean trouble”. It took me several years to understand what he was talking about!!


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