A weekly motor bike meet at Jack’s chippy in Bagshot

I’ve previously reported, HERE, on the weekly motor bike meet on Wednesday lunch time at Jack’s Fish and Chips in Bagshot.

Jack’s on the A30 in Bagshot is blessed with a large car park, unusually so for a chippy. It’s ideal to host a weekly gathering of motor bikes old and new. We drove past last Wednesday, the final day of lovely sunny weather, before the current rains.

I said to my dear wife that I wanted to take a closer look at the bikes, and also, why not stop for lunch. Brief appointment in Camberley duly completed, we returned and found a parking spot. I met some one I know who owns a collection of bikes, of the go-faster variety. Me, I’m equally fascinated by older bikes, possibly because they’re the ones I recognised when way back I followed motor bike road racing.

Possibly because it was a fine day, there were a large number of bikes, and Jack’s fish and chip restaurant was busy. There was a particularly fine example of a 1954 Francis Barnett, to whose owner we happily chatted after our plaice and chips lunch. Here are a few photos of some older bikes and a short video of the bike meet.

One thought on “A weekly motor bike meet at Jack’s chippy in Bagshot

  1. Good stuff Timster – far better than the incessant regurgitation of Crime Reports ….. 😛


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