The once planned Tesco Express site is being marketed

There’s an estate agent poster, from Brasier Freeth, on the hoarding around 89-91 Guildford Road, what was once an intended Tesco Express store.

Brasier Freeth have a web-page marketing the site as an investment or development opportunity. No price is mentioned on their website. Their site description includes this sentence,

It is considered possible the site may lends itself to residential or retirement housing, subject to the relevant consent.

Neither of these are wanted by local residents. If perhaps it became a bistro I’m sure that would have residents support. Fancy, we once had a DIY/hardware store in the village, only to be replaced by Tesco land-banking the site for years. What a waste.

3 thoughts on “The once planned Tesco Express site is being marketed

  1. The price was published & discussed on the Lightwater Community Group on F/Book – cant remember it now – but north of £1.1M … a group of people on there were seriously considering forming a Consortium to buy it and use it for a Community-based project …

    Personally, I’m still in favour of a Drive-Thru Macs ….


  2. Whilst a decent restaurant (perhaps with flats) would be the best option for the village, I fear that it will simply go the residential route given short term financial returns.


  3. A resident proposed getting a petition to the council suggesting the site be used for parking – in short supply..


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