Attending the consultation for the potential Pine Ridge Golf Club housing development

On behalf of Persimmon Homes,the Pegasus Group held a consultation meeting yesterday at Pine Ridge Golf Centre in Frimley.

The consultation concerns prospective plans for 80 homes to be built on land currently occupied by the 10th green and fairway of Pine Ridge Golf Club. No planning application for the housing development has yet been submitted to Surrey Heath Borough Council. Associated with the prospective development is a plan to create more than 20 acres of sustainable alternative natural green space (SANG).

The 10th green and fairway run parallel to Old Bisley Road, as shown in the photos below [click to enlarge].

My immediate view is that the development isn’t as intrusive as I’d imagined. Yet, as with all housing developments in our borough there’s insufficient space for vehicles. A three bed home can easily have four cars. I doubt there’s provision for that circumstance. There’s hardly ever any consideration that piecemeal developments, such as this, add to the demand for services. such as GP surgeries, health services, local shops, and public transport.

It’ll probably a year or two before anything happens. Lots more consultations and planning applications.Whatever, here are a few photo of a few of the information boards.



4 thoughts on “Attending the consultation for the potential Pine Ridge Golf Club housing development

  1. The original Fuel Allotments will be totally unrecognisable & graves will be turned in I daresay !


  2. What about all the infrastructure that a development like this and that being built at Deepcut will require? What about all the additional traffic trying to find its way onto the M3?


  3. @JB Wood – it’ll easily be absorbed into the plans for the PRB development … including Traffic Volume mitigation for all junctions twixt Deepcut & the M3 (said a trifle TiC of course !)


  4. There is far too much traffic on the road network already. With 4 schools and Frimley Park Hospital the current roads are not able to cope
    This development should not go ahead


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