Dear readers, a million thank you’s

June was a record month for this blog, attracting over 17,000 page views by nearly 8,000 visitors. The blog had been inching toward the significant total of 1,000,000 page views, but then, as I say, visitors numbers to this blog in June propelled it to the million target.

A view is counted when a visitor loads or reloads a page. A visitor is counted when we [WordPress] notes a user or browser for the first time in a given period (day, week, month).

This blog began in March 2007, starting slowly, and now is over 11 years old. It seems that other blogs I encounter with a life of 10 years or more are coming to and end. For me it’s not a duty, but a hobby.

2 thoughts on “Dear readers, a million thank you’s

  1. Congratulations Tim, your blog provides both a useful community service and is a source of well-written, often eclectic articles, with broad appeal. Please keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated.


  2. Will, you’re far to generous to me. But, thank you anyway. Hope to have a couple of interesting posts coming, though super weather does beckon me outside away from my computer.


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