Plenty of gardening ideas from Frimley Green Gardens Open Day

We visited the Frimley Green Gardens Open Day yesterday. Ten gardens in all were open between 2.0 pm and 6.0 pm. As happened in previous years we ran out of puff to visit them all. We began with tea and cake on Frimley Green, provided by Frimley Green Guides, and we ended our visit with another cup of tea on the Green. If truth be told, we were the last customers for tea on the Green.

The gardens and allotments provide floral and gardening interest, though for us we get as much fun by chatting to the garden and allotment owners. That we visited seven of the ten gardens, including the Church on the Green, was a surprise to us as we were flagging towards the end.

Lovely to visit the two new gardens open this year, photos 3 and 4 for 1 Milden Gardens, and photos 12 to 15 for Bedfords Farm, 5 The Hatches. Both top quality experiences. The photo of the blue pot is because the owner said the copper band around it stops the slugs getting to the Hosta.

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