No home broadband means almost no blogging

Luckily we’ve a busy week, so the absence of a connection to broadband at home it not causing me the expected withdrawal symptoms.

However, it’s darned annoying when I can’t tell you about Grinling Gibbons, my visit to Folly Bog in Lightwater, or this morning’s visit to Farnborough Airport, and a new car this week.

BT engineer expected later this week. Life is now hunting for comfortable wifi hot spots.

UPDATE: Horror of horrors  – engineer now not due till Monday. With over 6,000 post on this blog, there might be something you’ve missed. you could try, Bob Newhart monologues for amusement, or click on any of the categories.

2 thoughts on “No home broadband means almost no blogging

  1. Tim, given that Virgin media has ploughed up what seems like the entirety of Lightwater over past year, might I suggest that you consider them for your broadband needs? I have been on Virgin cable up on the Camberley / Lightwater border for some 15 years and can say unequivocally that the service they provide is top notch (150 Mb/sec, download rarely below 100 Mb/sec consistently and around 10 Mb/sec upload). I’ve had 3 occasions to call them out to fix an outage in 15 years and in each case have fixed the issue promptly and professionally. I would also say that I have no connection with Virgin media and am just relating my personal experience. Tim, please don’t allow patchy broadband to deprive your grateful audience of your writing. Will.


  2. Alternative view of VM’s efficacy can be obtained from any West End resident who subscribes to their cable BBand service ….


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