UPDATE – big error: Have you say on the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan prior to submission

Gosh, what a complete nincompoop I am, the consultation period ended 26th April 2017. That’s a whole year ago. I’m sorry to have misled you all.

Many will know of the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan, and the desire for Windlesham residents to have in place a formal planning policy against which planning applications and developments are considered. The Plan can be viewed below, or in the locations listed in Windlesham Parish Council’s website, SEE HERE. The Parish Council is seeking comments on the Plan prior to submission.

Prior to the submission of the plan to Surrey Heath Borough Council, Windlesham Parish Council is undertaking Pre-Submission Consultation on the Draft Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan.

This formal stage in the process of preparing the Plan requires a six week period of public consultation. We are seeking comments on the Draft Plan from people who live, work or have businesses in the area and from other organisations that have an interest in the plan area.

The pre-submission consultation commenced on the 20th February 2017 and the closing date for representations is the 26th April 2017. Representations can either be emailed to Sarah Walker at sarah.walker@windleshampc.gov.uk or sent by post to: Windlesham Parish Council, The Council Office, The Avenue, Lightwater, Surrey, GU18 5RG

2 thoughts on “UPDATE – big error: Have you say on the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan prior to submission

  1. Tim

    I think this is last year going by the date……if so can you put out a correction or clarification



    Sent from my iPad



  2. Tim,
    You have got this completely wrong, can you please remove and contact the WPC office for the true facts.
    Thank you


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