Did you make the Twelfth Night deadline for taking down decorations?

I ask this questions as we were outwardly successful, but hopeless indoors.

Felt proud of myself for taking down all the exterior Christmas lights and decorations on Twelfth Night. Though failed ingloriously in taking down all the baubles from our Christmas tree, and packing them away. I don’t know, does it take longer to take down the baubles and such, than it does to put them up?

Next year, I’ll not aim to hang up every bauble. But then, I know I’m as likely to fail in this as I am in meeting the Twelfth Night date.

3 thoughts on “Did you make the Twelfth Night deadline for taking down decorations?

  1. Do we get the idea that the theme for the tree is red & gold ?? and getting the photographers image in the right hand bauble was clever.


  2. Goodness me Colin, you’re an observant fellow. I hadn’t intended to be reflected in the bauble. Yes, it’s red and gold, My dear wife looked into the price of replacement of some of our baubles – shocked I am, which is why I treated them with such care.

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Will be posting stuff this week, been a quiet time for blogging. Tim


  3. We always struggle to get our decorations up early enough to get into the Christmas spirit. Pressure of work and only weekends to really have the time to get on with it I suppose. We were travelling this year in early December, so we were late again this year. However, we typically take them down before work starts again after the break, usually around the 2nd January. It’s the realisation that Christmas has past for another year.


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