Surrey Heath Borough Council targets fly tippers

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce the following on fly tipping,

Two fly tippers are £400 worse off this Christmas having each been issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) by Surrey Heath Borough Council’s Corporate Enforcement officers. [Click on image to enlarge]

Having received information from partners at Accent Housing, SHBC officers obtained CCTV footage which showed two individuals emptying the contents of a van of DIY waste into the communal bins at Wimbledon Road, Camberley.

The culprits, who cannot be named, were traced via the van’s owner, leading to a £400 FPN being issued to them both.

Accent’s Regional Housing Director, Rob Mills said: “This is a great example of collaborative working between Accent and Surrey Heath Borough Council. We will continue to work together to tackle anti-social behaviour, including fly tipping, across the Borough.”

SHBC’s Corporate Enforcement Manager Julia Greenfield said: “Earlier this year we launched a joint anti-fly tipping campaign with Accent Housing, and we thank them for their help in this case.

“Publicity for the campaign included leafletting areas that historically have been blighted by fly tipping. Issuing these Fixed Penalty Notices shows we are proactively targeting fly tippers.

“There is no excuse for people not legitimately disposing of their waste, and we will continue to take action against people who are caught carrying out this criminal act.”

Fly tipping can be reported at www.surreyheath/ or by telephoning 01276 707100

2 thoughts on “Surrey Heath Borough Council targets fly tippers

  1. And yet the public waste disposal services are getting incrementally worse each year, with arbitrary limits on the waste the tips will take, if they will take it at all, banned vehicles and closures. Swift Lane narrowly avoided closure, but now limits what it will take, how much you can drop off, the vehicle you can use and it is now closed half the week.
    I’m not saying it’s right, but it seems awfully close to an excuse to me…


  2. totally agree – the amount spent on clearing up Fly-tipping (total amount, inc any charges for using the official tip), paying £500 ‘rewards’ and court costs et al should be weighed against official charges and a view taken if reducing charges will impact level of illegal activity ..


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