Peeking into a Virgin Media broadband distribution box

Residents will know of the works to install Virgin media optical fibre superfast broadband connections to homes in Lightwater. I dare say, almost everyone has experienced some dislocation, some more than others. Some home owners are waiting for remedial work as the installation has been of variable quality.

Never mind, it’s the promise is 300 Mbps connection to the internet that attracts, which is quite an increase on our average speed of 17 Mbps.

We’ve all seen the grey boxes being installed in our streets. I peeked inside some as they were being installed and saw green piping – not very exciting.

Yesterday I stopped by a grey box that had an engineer working on it. Here’s the photo I took. Pleasingly the fibre optic cable was being attached to house connection points. The upshot is that the Virgin Media service will soon become available. Haven’t yet looked at the Virgin packages, will do when the service is operational. [click on images to expand]

3 thoughts on “Peeking into a Virgin Media broadband distribution box

  1. One of the reasons why I don’t use VM is because down here in West End their cabinets are so flimsy that they are nearly all open and the cables are exposed to the elements and to passing jokers who like to pull them out. Hopefully the new ones in Lightwater will be a bit more sturdy.


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