Details of new garden waste collection service announced

Surrey Heath Borough Council announced that,

A new garden waste collection service will delivered across Surrey Heath from February 2018.

At a meeting of Surrey Heath Borough Council’s Executive on December 5, it was agreed that the new subscription-based scheme would operate fortnightly, at an annual charge of £40.

The Council-backed scheme will be operated by Amey, who replace Biffa, the current Green Waste Club operators.

The new cost, which is a reduction on the £57 a year charged by the Biffa scheme, includes the provision and delivery of a 240-litre wheeled bin. Subscribers to the existing scheme will be able to keep their current bin upon joining the new scheme.

New customers will receive a bin upon subscribing to the scheme.

Amey are the contractors for the new Surrey Heath waste and recycling collection service under the Joint Waste Contract, which will start on 5 February.

Managed by Joint Waste Solutions, this arrangement maintains a high quality waste and recycling service for residents in Surrey Heath, Elmbridge, Mole Valley and Woking, while saving taxpayers across the four authorities around £2.5 million a year.

The first contract of its kind in Surrey, it was part-funded by the Surrey Waste Partnership and supported by Surrey County Council as the waste disposal authority.

More detailed information on the new Green Waste Club scheme, and the Joint Waste Solutions service in general, will be issued to residents ahead of its implementation in the new year.

3 thoughts on “Details of new garden waste collection service announced

  1. Will be “interesting” to see how the two schemes dovetail. I seem to recall some mention of this around the time of our renewal of the current scheme.
    If we paid £57 in mid year and the new scheme starts in February, will we get a feee transfer onto the first few months of the new scheme or a refund of half our Biffa subscription perhaps?
    Have I become so cynical in middle age that I suspect we will find ourselves in limbo or out of pocket?


  2. Thanks for the update Tim, I’m pleased that we have a new contractor, Amey to take this on, Biffa have been a shambolic disgrace and appear to have given up on their role. For the past 3 biweekly collection cycles we’ve had our recycling bin permanently outside the house hoping in vain that Biffa’s delay notifications – advising they will pick up in the next few days, would be acted on. They weren’t. We called them and they tell us that one of the trucks needs servicing. I’d just like to have my bin emptied and keep it out of site on non-collection days.
    The fee reduction whilst welcome, is not the issue for me, I’d happily pay more for a reliable service. Let’s hope that Amey do a good job.


  3. I believe that the fees charged from Feb 2017 onwards had a pro rata reduction to take account of the end of the contract.


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