A really good initiative, The Caring Job Fair in Camberley

Given the need for carers locally and nationally, this is a really good and timely initiative. It’s pleasing to see it receive the support of Frimley Health Trust. The event organisers say about the Fair,

The local Care Industry supports public and private organisations offering care for the elderly and sick members of our community. These well run and professional establishments are looking for future local employees to fill a multitude of roles.

The event recognises the growing number of care homes and agencies opening their doors in this area. Camberley Job Centre reports numbers of job seekers showing interest in caring work and the local Job Club also identifies the number of people who work in the care industry now looking for local employment.

One thought on “A really good initiative, The Caring Job Fair in Camberley

  1. A very good idea however since public service pay is a big issue in the lack of recruitment and retention of staff they will have their work cut out for them Decades of underinvestment is another problem it would appear that the state can no longer afford Nye Bevan’s idea of looking after us from the cradle to the grave.


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