Not Cool Hand Luke, more steady hand Tim

Cool Hand Luke, if you’re confused, is a gritty prison drama film starring Paul Newman. That’s it. Just thought it would make a nice headline.

Now to the steady hand Tim. It’s about milestones, a subject I’ve become a bit boring on over the last few few. Myself and my chum, Reg Davis, have cleaned nine milestones in the borough. We’re now painting them white, with masonry paint. The lettering needs painting in black masonry paint. This has been my job, hence the steady hand Tim.

We’ve completed the refurbishment of 4 milestones. Perhaps you’ve seen us on the A30. We’ve had some lovely conversations, involving me wittering about their history. Here are the four we’ve completed. [Click on images to expand]

4 thoughts on “Not Cool Hand Luke, more steady hand Tim

  1. I see that 2 (24 & 26 miles) have the government broad arrow (pheon) on them, a question Tim, is this common, as I thought they were installed by the turnpike companies.


  2. Drove down Portsmouth Road then past FPH, saw two that have been repainted not sure I have ever noticed them before but they really stand out now. Well Done.


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