Tesco’s reply to Michael Gove’s letter

As promised, I popped along to the Lightwater Post Office to enquire whether Surinder had received a copy of a letter in reply to Michael Gove’s enquiry about Tesco’s intentions in Lightwater.

Here’s the reply. Looks like more objections will result, re parking provision for flats, and opening hours that were restricted in the last planning application.

11 thoughts on “Tesco’s reply to Michael Gove’s letter

  1. Agree with Speedicus. Gove has been given the corporate hand-off, so perhaps now he should be told to tell them that the local residents that Big T are so looking forward to serving have issues about extended hours opening and lack of parking provision.


  2. There were never any parking provisions for the flats in the original application that was allowed by the inspector who over-rode Surrey Heath planning refusals. When store delivery lorries park in the road, as there won’t be space for them off-road, it will be total chaos and prevent customer parking on the forecourt.


  3. Yes, and the small number of parking spaces to be allocated to the redevelopment of the CIU/retail/housing almost immediately on the opposite side of the road will only add to the village traffic congestion.


  4. CIU application No: 17/0610 registered a month ago shows a huge development in such a small space. Where they will fit the 21 parking spaces will be a challenge, but will that be enough for the 11 flats & 3 houses, club workers/customers and retail workers ?


  5. I see the latest news “M&S slows its food store expansion plan” and is drastically reducing the number of new stores planned. What hope that Tesco will be doing the same ?


  6. It is nearly 10 months since the Tesco letter and the site is still a blue eyesore in the centre of the village. I saw one of the gates open a couple of weeks ago, but nothing has started happening there. Is anybody from our council chasing for progress ? I guess I know the answer !


  7. too much to expect some lateral thinking from the Cllrs & SHBC to lease it from TESCO at a peppercorn rent for car parking – everybody wins …. altho they have to spend a few quid on surfacing it – no need for tarmac … just scalpings – would then be a similar finish to the local roads anyway …


  8. …. and its all over – they’ve told Gove they wont be building a TESCO outlet on the site – which will be ‘tidied up’ and put on the Market asap ….

    MacDonalds Drive -Thru ?


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