Michael Gove seeks to discover Tesco’s intentions for its Lightwater vacant land site

I wrote HERE on July 4th 2013 that the planning inspectorate had approved Tesco’s plans for a Tesco Express in Lightwater. Some building materials were delivered to the site in June 2015. Since then, nothing. [photo taken in June 2015, no change since]

Lightwater is a vibrant village centre, all we’re missing is an eatery and a bank. Oh, sorry, we did have a bank and an Indian restaurant, or was it Chinese. That’s so long ago now, I forget.

I said I’d planned to write to Tesco about their intentions. However, a comment from Speedicus Triplicatum, on THIS article, suggested I speak with our estimable postmaster, Surinder Gandhum.

That I did today. Surinder tells me that he spoke recently with Michael Gove about the situation with Tesco Express, and that he has a copy of the letter that Michael has written to Tesco.

Good on Surinder for his tenacity, and Michael for taking on the issue. Guess we’ll continue to have to wait on Tesco.

10 thoughts on “Michael Gove seeks to discover Tesco’s intentions for its Lightwater vacant land site

  1. seconded – a long established wish here ! But sadly, the Land’s commercial value will preclude that …..


  2. Well done Surinder for his proactivity on this matter. Don’t hold your breath with Gove though – waste of space!


  3. ” …. that he has a copy of the letter that Michael (Gove) has written to Tesco …”

    is it not available to post up here ? Has to be public domain coming from our elected MP concerning a public subject in an area for which we pay Council Tax ?


  4. Speedicus, Surinder offered me a sight and copy of Michael Gove’s letter. I was very short of time, so couldn’t wait for Surinder to retrieve it. Will post the reply to Michael when Surinder receives it.

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  5. Obviously Tesco can’t be bothered to reply to our MP’s enquiries, as is nothing reported here yet.


  6. Just post the letter (or link to it) here. Why all this prevaricating? Tesco will have started building before any of us get the chance to read it!


  7. Come on guys, give me a break. There’s no conspiracy here. I popped into the Post Office just prior to a dental appointment – numbness precluded going back to Surinder. Also, have had commitments and been on hols for a while. Will look to speak with Surinder later this week.


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