In writing style, omit needless words

Writing about the tensions and excitement of the daily occurrences in the Tour de France, I feel I failed to keep my writing concise, and free from unnecessary adjectives.

There’s a little book, only 92 pages, called The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, first published in 1935, which should be every writers companion.

Particularly, when writing the headlines for my blog articles the little book’s rule 17, Omit Needless Words, applies. I often find this rule is broken. Here’s a case in an article in UK Defence Journal – click on image below to go to the article. I do, however, like and respect this publication, but, we can all improve our writing style.

Instead of saying ‘HMS Queen Elizabeth sets sail to continue sea trials‘, it would be crisper to write ‘HMS Queen Elizabeth continues sea trials’.

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