Can’t resist checking on the quality of Virgin Media trenching

My ‘nerdish’ activity used to be monitoring potholes. My latest similar activity is monitoring the trenching work of Virgin Media’s contractors installing fibre optic cables.

Apart from the residents of Ullswater Close who suffered from shockingly poor work of the initial contractors before they were sacked by Virgin Media, the work has generally been to a reasonable standard. Road and pavement works cause dislocation, and that inevitably affects some people more than others.

I’m not sure why that some of the trenching is laudably narrow, and other times not. As we’re in a block paved cul-de-sac I’m always been concerned that utility contractors re-lay the block paving carefully, and that’s been the case with electricity, gas and water companies. [See extent of electricity works below]

Learning from a commenter on this blog of concerns on trenching through block paving I went on a circular tour to check on the work. In Blackthorn Drive trenching through block paving was replaced well. In Briar Avenue the trenching is neat and narrow and in Burdock Close I had to look hard to find where the block paving had been uplifted and relaid.

However, I also visited Alsford Close and found tarmac laid in place of block paving. I image it’s a temporary fix, well, I hope it is. Uplifting such a large area of block paving looks as though it might present a problem to re-lay. Perhaps not, but I think I’ll be a busybody and contact Virgin Media’s Community Liaison Officer –, to ensure that they use experienced paviours to re-lay the blocks.

6 thoughts on “Can’t resist checking on the quality of Virgin Media trenching

  1. Ah, wondered if you’d seen my last comment.

    No, they dont use experienced block-layers, nor guys who can professionally wield a trowel to repoint displaced Granite Setts forming kerb-lines. The guy who relays the Paviors also wields a broom and shovel – its just a gang comprimised of Jacks of All Trades (and Masters of None) ….

    Our County Cllr David Mansfield is on the case, doing snagging visits with Surrey Highways and Virgin Management – the list of issues is growing.

    I have refused to allow them to reset the Granite Setts outside my place – I’d rather do it myself than face every day the bird-crap pointing they did in the other part of the Estate …

    Alsford Close looks like a 3rd world city – doubtless they will say that one cant make an Omellette without breaking eggs …. but this isnt good enough …

    PS. The first pic could be a VM portfolio PR pic – best I’ve seen … pity one cant upload pics with these comments.


  2. Looks like the Burdock Close blocks have been laid the wrong way up, or they have brought non-matching replacements, and they haven’t used fine kiln dried sand to fill the spaces. As Speedicus commented, a gang of bodgers. Thankfully those working for National Grid do know how to do it correctly.


  3. As a result of my escalating the issues via our County Cllr to Surrey Highways, I received this summary in an email this morning ….

    “All your points will be raised with Virgin Media to answer and you are certainly not alone with your complaint regarding their work. A similar situation is occurring in Farnham with Virgin Media and as a result of the unsatisfactory work in the two areas numerous defects and fines have been levied against them.

    Their projects have become a prime focus and have been escalated to ensure greater compliance to their live sites and reinstatements.”


  4. I took my issues far above their local ‘chocolate teapot’ of a Liaison Officer ….. I got Virgin Media’s Executive Complaints team involved and finally got the work in our cul-de-sac redone to an acceptable standard … now nagging for them to bring a Roadsweeper and clean up overall.

    Worth persisting – I got a substantial compensation payment from Virgin in the end … mainly for the workmanship but also for the theft of water from outside taps – to use to cool their trenching kit …. what a bunch of idiots !

    Also good to see that Surrey Highways have come out to take core samples of the tarmacing of the trenches – the suspicion is that McN contractor didnt use edge sealant in the trenches ….. so another fine could well be levied.


  5. The contractors (SQS) that are doing the reinstatement after the gas pipe replacement don’t seem to have used edge sealant round the re-tarmaced holes either.


  6. Not being a regular user of FaceBook, I hadnt realised that Lightwater has a ‘Community’ set of pages – the amount of complaints written about Virgin Media is truely Legion … 2 local Cllrs are psoting useful information, but overall theres no summary or useful feedback from our County Cllr – a great shame as it means that every individual is having their own dialogue with VM, instead of us all benefitting from a focussed campaign … divide & conquer I guess …… has anybody west of the Guildford Road seen a Roadsweeper yet ?


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