Mountain bikers neglect the human common courtesies

Been out for a longish walk. I was passed by a number of mountain bikers whooshing past without any sign of recognition. Not a smile, wave or even a nod. Now, when walkers pass one another, there’s mostly, though not always, a ‘good day’, a smile, a nod, or even a raised hand in a wave.

Is it because mountain bikers are selfish self-absorbed people? I’d be hard put to argue against it. I’ve seen racers in the Tour de France wave in acknowledgement to spectators, and they’re racing. So, if you’re a mountain biker hurtling down the track alongside Red Road, just think for a moment that the track is shared by others, to whom the normal human courtesies apply.

PS. Photo is public domain, not of any biker I’ve seen.

2 thoughts on “Mountain bikers neglect the human common courtesies

  1. Agreed – the number of times these ‘Charisma-Lobotomised’ twats have sped past with no warning on a narrow track (they are spookily quiet) infuriates – and then they moan if the dog runs next to them !


  2. Not only mountain bikers. Cyclists hurtle along the canal towpath, don’t slow down when they meet walkers and expect walkers to jump out of their way.


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