Consultation on the closure of Swift Lane recycling centre in Bagshot

I imagine I’m not alone in thinking a public consultation on the closure of a facility, generally of any kind, is a mite pointless. When, as is the case with Bagshot’s Swift Lane recycling centre, closure is a proposed option, then that’s going to be the likely end result.

Better brains than mine might find persuasive arguments against closure, and would benefit us all if they added them into the consultation process.

Click on the image to link directly to the Surrey County Council consultation web page, or go HERE to fill in the online questionnaire.

Here’s my view. The service available at the Swift Lane recycling centre has steadily eroded over time. Access to it is dreadful. How many of us have found ourselves in a long queue to the centre, with almost no ability to turn round and go elsewhere. So, asking me to fight against its closure is a tough ask.

This consultation process is one designed to facilitate the County Council saving money. Laudable in itself, but not being part of a wider strategy to invest in recycling is a wasted opportunity. I would like to be better informed on the cost of recycling, and that charges should apply for those items that are difficult to unable to be recycled.

We recently delivered an old fridge to the Camberley recycling centre, at no cost. I would have happily paid something. Does recycling this fridge cost the County Council money, or do they make a profit from its recycling? I don’t know.

5 thoughts on “Consultation on the closure of Swift Lane recycling centre in Bagshot

  1. I think the closure of Swift Lane Recycling will be a mistake. Yes, I fully accept that access is poor, I’ve been gridlocked there more than a few times, but my worry is the knock-on impact it will have on access to Wilton Road. Wilton Road is a superior facility to Swift lane of course, but for working people who only have weekends to visit the recycling centre, traffic jams from the Wilton Road recycling centre, spreading beyond the roundabout on Frimley Road and Park Road are quite common. I also fear that a reduction in recycling centres will lead to an increase in fly tipping, which is in no ones interest.
    I think you’re right about the consultation outcome, and Swift Lane will invariably close, so what are we to do? I think one answer may be to look at how we can expand the range of recycling at some of the peripheral recycling sites such as near Prior Road infant school and Briar Avenue in Lightwater. Currently, these are restricted to glass bottles, newspapers and magazines and clothing. Adding cardboard packaging recycling and / or green waste would relieve a lot of the pressure on Wilton Road that will come following the closure of Swift Lane. Now, I suspect that given green waste is bulky and smelly, it is unlikely to be an option, especially now that green waste recycling schemes via household ‘brown bins’ works well, albeit at extra cost. However, given the increase in household deliveries from on-line shopping, I think cardboard recycling facilities at peripheral recycling centres should be manageable. Maybe we should advocate a council consultation on this.


  2. Will, they are trying to save money, so why would they spend more on smaller collection vehicles and crews going round the peripheral sites. I can see these being discontinued soon as all these items are collected in the fortnightly household recycle collections.


  3. Hmm, one small error in my comment, Swift Lane site is SCC, whereas household and presume Briars recycle are Surrey Heath. Either way we are paying for them in our taxes.


  4. The service I does not exist I have struggle upturn iron steps hopefully do not slip had a replacement hip How many other local people find
    No assistance We pay large rates within surrounding area Dreadful with any 🚗 and large cars struck cannot turn round Hopefully no large truck tries to get pass Also back on a major road.I know areas have update facilities nobody has to carry items Just drop then into a large container The car can back or park for easy access .It is about time Surrey County Council came in line and update the facility To avoid going down that lane with large vehicle garage opposite enter to refuse Now go to Camberley on way to shops .We all sshould not have to go to Wilton Road!


  5. Fed up with hearing about the government cuts causing the closure of theses facilities. It’s the poor management at the council. The consultation was a joke some of the vote buttons were greyed out so it was only going one way.
    What s the point of all the tips closing at 4pm ? As a non-buisness user my boss won’t let me have a couple of hours off in the week to go to the tip and commercial user can’t use it.
    I now have to wait for the weekend as they shut most weekdays and spend my one day off in the queue to get rid of the rubbish usual when they forget to collect at my door I’d like to know what the staff that used to run it are now doing ? On the Wed Thur Fridays when it’s closed as they all appear to be still employment on the weekend Have they cut the staff numbers at the council numbers once again the rate pays are being stiffed.


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