Le Tour Day 5: My thoughts. Wow, what drama.

In my thoughts yesterday, about Day 4 of the Tour de France, I predicted Geraint Thomas to retain the overall tour lead, and I’m pleased to report he remains the leader.

Of my other predictions that Mark Cavendish would mobilise his team to make a serious challenge for the stage, which he did.  The other prediction was the likelihood of crashes near the stage finish. This is exactly what happened.

There was one involving Geraint Thomas, a crash in front of him caused him to crash too. Luckily, he only received a couple of cuts and bruises.

The major drama occurred with a 150 metres  to go the the finish line. Mark Cavendish had successfully positioned himself behind Arnaud Demare, the eventual winner, only for Peter Sagan to impede him and cause him to crash, which is likely to end Mark’s tour.

My view is that Peter Sagan was over ambitious in contending the final 150 metres to pure sprinters, such as Cavendish, Greipel, and Demare, and used unprofessional tactics to impede an overtaking Cavendish.

The race judges have disqualified Sagan for ‘seriously endangering’ another rider. Correct decision in my opinion, though might be considered as harsh. Importantly, it puts down a marker for the sprinters actions in this tour, and future tours. Brave, yet correct decision. The tour is bigger than one of its stars.

My thoughts for today’s Day 5 stage;

  • The first mountain stage means the sprinters are out of contention. It’ll be a battle between the climbers, Froome, Quintana, Contador, Porte, and even Thomas.
  • My prediction is Chris Froome to win the stage, with Geraint Thomas a close second, maybe even close enough for Thomas to retain the overall lead.
  • Will Peter Sagan’s team continue with the tour? Probably.
  • Will Mark Cavendish continue? Probably not.

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