Virgin Media requests permission to lay fibre optic cable to our house. Answer is yes, yes, yes.

In the post this morning, a letter from Virgin Media. A couple of adjacent houses have a shared private driveway, hence the Virgin Media request for permission to lay fibre optic cable and a network access point.

Our house is in a cul-de-sac, where the road is block-paved. In the many digging’s up for electricity and gas the contractors have always replaced the block paving. We’ll make sure that the Virgin Media contractors do the same.

5 thoughts on “Virgin Media requests permission to lay fibre optic cable to our house. Answer is yes, yes, yes.

  1. will be watching with interest Timster – have had some bad f/back about their ability to ‘unzip’ herringbone brick – and apparently one lazy crew just tarmaced the trench as many paviors had been damaged !

    Could just be gossip of course as nobody seems to know where this is ….


  2. Herringbone would be relatively easy, try a random pattern of 3 different width blocks.
    Fortunately National Grid only needed to lift a few (without damage) in my drive a couple of weeks ago when replacing the gas feeder pipe to the property, and they were relaid correctly, can’t see where now.


  3. They’ve now finished the SW quadrant of Moorlands and are progressing alarmingly fast into the NW quadtrant – our block pavior cul-de-sac surface was demolished and access across the entrance severley restricted on Friday – they cant open it up now till Monday as they dont have the right grade of Tarmac to dress the backfilled Trench …. worried also that the Granite setts which form the Kerbs wont be pointed back in professionally with sharp-sand to form proper wedges …

    An unbelievable amount of dust from the disc cutter used to trench the pavement – which is supposed to be water-damped, but the Op too f’in lazy to fill its reservoir …. sigh


  4. I thought the water was to cool the diamond edged cutter blade, as it is destroyed if it overheats and then an expensive replacement is required. The dust suppression is a secondary benefit.


  5. LOL – its a primary benefit in my book, and anyways if they aint filling the tank regularly then the expensive blade is fubared ! #Iriots.


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